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The Chelsea Boot Fashion

The Chelsea boot is making ever greater strides in women’s shoes. Most Spanish brands I follow included it into their Fall-Winter collections this year. The Chelsea boot owes its appearance on the contemporary fashion scene to the bohemian set of artists, musicians, and other creatives who tended to hang around West London’s Chelsea district in the 50s and 60s. And you know artists and musicians – they can’t help becoming fashion icons! So from that time on the Chelsea boot became a fashion item.

Audley from Elda

Audley Shoes sounds English, because it is: the head designers of Audley, Tim and Fiona Slack, have been making shoes in the “British revival” style in London since the 1970s. In 1988 the couple came to Elda, Spain and founded Audley, merging their eclectic, modernist architecture-inspired designs with fine Spanish craftsmanship.

Madrid’s Magnificent Three

Madrid’s Magnificent Three is the best way I can describe my favorite moments of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. This Spring-Summer 2016 season quite a few collections took my breath away. That said, I also have a preference for the designers who work in collaboration with the shoe brands I feature. Here are three couturiers that are not only super talented but who also went with a Spanish shoe designer to complement their collections.

Maians Russia

In my quest to get the best Maians has to offer, I’ve been scouring their distribution network around the world. Maians Russia boasts a wide selection and the models they choose for their customer base are the closest to what I would have chosen myself.

My Maians

I have decided to sum up my experience with the Maians brand for you. I have written about this Barcelona-based, ancient seaport inspired casual footwear producing company several times. Since first posting about it, I have now amassed a small collection of Maians shoes, purchased through different channels.

Castañer Summer Sale

It’s not even the middle of August yet, but the Fall-Winter collections are already replacing the summer inventory, which is being sold off at ever increasing discounts. I could not possibly cover all the sales that are going on at the Spanish (and not only Spanish) shoes and accessories brands right now, HOWEVER….I can’t resist covering the current summer sale that is happening on the Castañer website. Despite a seemingly limitless number of brands that are following the espadrille trend, the demand for Castañer’s high-fashion espadrilles (and for many other Spanish-made espadrilles) is not likely to be affected. Castañer’s long-standing association with world-famous fashion houses, its very distinct design philosophy and strong brand identity, its commitment to quality and a correspondingly high price point put it in a league of its own. In short, Castañer espadrilles have long become iconic objects of desire. And currently, this summer collection is being sold off at 30-50% discounts through the Castañer online store, as well as Net-A-Porter.

The Jeweled Sandals Parade

Jeweled sandals are going from strength to strength every year. Always popular with girly girls, they are now becoming bolder, more artistic, more daring, and range from high-end to bohemian casual. The costume jewelry is getting more elaborate. Swarovski crystals are as big with shoemakers now as they are with hat makers. Add the parallel metallic trend, there is scarcely a company that does not get on that jeweled sandals bandwagon. I’ve always liked “bejeweled” sandals. If well fitted and tastefully made, they make your feet look like something out of the “Thousand and One Night”. Exotic and sexy.

Summer? Time To Think of Boots

Summer mood, the weather is great – who wants to even think of winter and cold weather? I don’t, BUT…. right now is a good time to take advantage of great discounts being offered on last season’s boots. As many fashion lovers know, there is nothing wrong with a) wearing last season b) getting bargains on designer boots. Here on this blog, I am, of course, talking Spanish brands.

Happy Place

A week on the beautiful Caribbean island of Hispaniola put me in my happy place. The Rincón beach in the Samaná peninsula, Dominican Republic, is ranked as one of the 10 Best Beaches in the world. It’s a 20-min ride from the village of Las Galeras. The trip by power boat is even shorter. Of course, I did not forget about Spanish shoes.

Salamanca The Golden Mile

Salamanca the Golden Mile is comprised of two of Madrid’s most upscale shopping destinations: the Ortega y Gasset and Serrano streets.The Ortega y Gasset and Serrano streets house the most exclusive fashion and accessories shops, which gave this area the name of Salamanca The Golden Mile.

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