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Salamanca, Ayala, Hermosilla, Goya

Salamanca Ayala, Hermosilla, Goya are three streets that run parallel to each other in this lush upscale neighborhood north-east of Madrid city center. Together they house many stores of interest to the Made in Spain-minded shoe and accessories shopper.

Salamanca: Claudio Coello

At the Spanishoegallery Blog we have long been planning to offer our readers shoe shopping itineraries for the major and not so major cities of Spain. Finally this moment has arrived, thanks to a girl called Callie Wallace, who sent me a lovely message saying that she enjoyed browsing our website and now wants to know where some of the stuff we feature can be got in Madrid. Thank you, Callie, for giving us the push to finally launch our “Shoe Shopping Itineraries” series!

AGARE: Ana, Olga, Teresa

I came across AGARE website in early spring. After reading an interview with Ignacio López Modrego, the founder of the company, I found out that AGARE is a family business named after Mr López Modrego’s three daughters – Ana, Olga, and Teresa. The sisters are now running the business, which is based in Illueca, a small town near Zaragoza in northeastern Spain. AGARE’s target market is urban men and women aged 35-50, who are looking for casual, sporty, and comfortable shoes at a reasonable price.

Wappi: Ballerinas In The Making

A little while ago, through Twitter, I became aware of a brand new Spanish venture – Wappi ballerinas. The brand sells ballerina flats  that you can customize online according to your taste, through an easy and fun process.

Textile Charm

Spanish woven textiles are known for their soft texture, vibrant color combinations, and durability. They are folksy without being simple and it can really brighten up your life. In southern Spain, where people often keep the doors open during the day, heavy textile curtains serve as breathable privacy screens. The textiles are also traditionally used in shoe making.

Shoe of the Week: Wedge Mule by Paloma Barceló

As I’ve said many times before on this blog, I consider creations by Paloma Barceló  shoe art. They are designed to look good from every angle, like sculptures. At the same time pattern and texture are also used to great effect. The luxurious “Bettina” wedge mule in black suede is a perfect example.

Shoe of the Week: Neosens

I love this fantasy floral version of the Gamay ankle boot by Neosens from La Rioja. It is made from textured suede, featuring a signature curved 9 cm (0.4”) baroque heel and a round button Neosens logo. It is available from the Neosens online shop.

Shoe of the Week: Audley

Audley shoes have a very distinct style, which I’ve seen described as being influenced by Bauhaus – a German art movement from the beginning of the 20th century. Bauhaus is very well-known for its fusion of art and industry, crafts and fine arts.

“Bamba” means “sneaker” in Spain

In continuation with our Spring Sneakers series, today I’m presenting another batch of great Made in Spain sneakers. Their common trait: they are all made of leather (smooth or suede), but that is where the similarities end. Each sneaker has a its own distinct personality.

Shoe of the Week: LODI

Regardless of whether you are married or not, planning on it or absolutely not into the whole thing, I think that these bridal booties will touch your heart. From the hand-crafted grade embroidery, to the satin laces ending in a pretty bow, and down to the flirty peep-toes, they definitely possess that “ahhh” quality.

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