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Shoe of the Week: Gioseppo

I love crochet, in clothes and in shoes. The technique is especially well developed in Spanish-speaking countries. It is both stylish and cool, exercising the artisan’s imagination to the fullest with its endless variety of lacy patterns. Crochet goes really well with an espadrille sole, in both style and function – airy and down-to-earth at the same time. White crochet is is the very essence of summer.

Kitten Heel Appeal

Now, we know that kittens are very popular, especially those from Youtube. When it comes to shoes, kitten heels are very appealing as well. They are moderately low – ranging from 3 to 6 cm (1.2” to 2.4”), usually combined with pointy toe styles. Spanish brands I follow offer many great versions of this popular heel.

Shoe of the Week

There are always so many shoes that I want to write about that we at the Spanishoegallery Blog decided that we would introduce a new series called “The Shoe of the Week”. Our first Shoe of the Week is by the Madrid-based Defloresyfloreros – a company that specializes in ballet flats, but also makes boots and loafers. Their ballet flats are high quality, original, flirtatious, and gorgeous, each with its own distinct personality.

Menbur Christmas 2014

When I think Menbur, I think brilliantly colored satin shoes with exaggerated platforms and crazy stiletto heels. Menbur shoes don’t just scream “party”, they scream “Hollywood extravaganza”!

Paco Herrero

The similarities between Paco Herrero and Paco Gil brands do

Paco Gil

Wow! It’s been a long break, almost a month. Not

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