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Magrit – behind this enigmatic name hides one of the best (if not the best) shoe making houses of Spain. Magrit is based in Elda and has been around since 1929. It is one of the most respected names in the Spanish shoe industry. How to describe Magrit signature style? Proud, confident, glamorous, and timelessly sexy.

Pampered Sneakers by miMaO

“miMaO” is a funny word, isn’t it? Well, it means “pampered” in Spanish. It should actually be spelled “mimado” with a “d”, but is pronounced “mimao” without the “d”, especially if you are in the Canary Islands or Andalusia, where accents are a lot softer. Anyways, here are some “pampered” sneakers by a Madrid-based company named miMaO.

Menorcan Shoe Brand Homers (and Argila)

Recently I made another shoelicious discovery: a Menorcan company named Homers. Like the fellow Menorcan Pons Quintana and Mascaró brands, Homers is also a family-owned company, in business for over forty years. It also started out making slippers, graduating to making stylish urban footwear with an unmistakable flair for natural beauty so characteristic for the Balearic islands.

Gaimo Espadrilles

The espadrille – that classic of Spanish summer wear –

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