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Valencia in Fashion

Valencia is not only the third largest city in Spain, it’ is also an important center of fashion and culture. Twice a year it hosts Valencia Fashion Week – an event that showcases Valencia designers with contributions from all across Spain and even Italy. The most influential current designer that hails from the city is Francis Montesinos.

Manolo Blahnik

Well, well. Manolo Blahnik. The whole world knows him, thanks

Valencia On Fire

Valencia, the capital of the Valencian Community on the east

Brenda Zaro

It’s no secret that I love Spanish shoes, but I

Lauren from Polyvore

Spanishoegallery now has an account on Polyvore. I use the

Chie Mihara

Shoe designer Chie Mihara, a daughter of Japanese parents who was raised in Brazil, lived and studied in Japan and New York, ultimately set up her brand in Spain, in the heart of the Spanish shoe industry. This varied and unusual trajectory is reflected in Chie Mihara’s original design style. The first thing you notice about the shoes is their lack of sharp edges or angles: round, organic shapes that are blended into one harmonious curvilinear silhouette.

Zara and Mango

All this talk about Spanish shoes and accessories, but why

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