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Traditional & Authentic Espadrille

There are so many espadrilles around these days, how can you tell which ones are the “real deal”? And, more importantly, why should you care? Thanks to Diego Arnedo of the, North Americans have access to espadrilles that are produced in the heart of Spain, by the skillful hands of the people from the village of Cervera del Rio Alhama, in the region of La Rioja.

Pedro García

Pedro García is a brand from Elda, Alicante. It is

Ankle Boots Shop

Ankle boots have become a must have. They really go

A Menbur Christmas

It’s party time and a perfect opportunity to give you a taste of Menbur. Menbur is THE party shoe brand of Spain. As a company that specializes in shoes for fiestas and weddings, they are seriously into good time. Their shoes are beautiful, sexy, and fun.


of Granada, Andalusia specializes in special occasions shoes and accessories.

Blue and Gold by eMe

These peep-toe pumps by eMe shoes are heavenly. Literally. In

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