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Custom Shoes by Custom & Chic

Custom shoes are becoming a necessity in this increasingly personalized world. If you customize your kitchen, your car, your Internet browser, your smartphone settings, and countless other things, then why not customize your shoes? Shoes express your personality a lot more clearly than all of the above. Shoemakers have long understood that. Of course, in the olden times, any shoes of quality were custom made. Nowadays, in the “everything is mass-produced” world, having your shoes “made to order” is far from the rule, but custom shoes still have their place.

Great Shoes Come With Great Stories

The Spanishoegallery Blog is three years old! Anniversaries (and this one is a milestone of sorts) make you think. This blog was started as a gut reaction to discovering that most shoes I liked in stores and online were Spanish. Not just “Made in Spain”, but of actual Spanish conception and design. Back then I did not much wonder why, but simply dove into the project, trusting that the answer will come later. So, what is my take away from three years of blogging? Why Spanish shoes?

Deux Souliers Shoes: Toothy Soles

Deux Souliers Shoes Spring-Summer 2016 collection stands out because of its serrated or “toothy” soles. These soles, designed in-house, are made from Microporous EVA, a very good anti-slip material. The forward-thinking Barcelona-based brand prides itself on using the best and the latest in footwear technology in its collections.

Shoe of the Week: Rose Quartz Sandal

This Shoe of the Week, code-named the “Rose Quartz” sandal, was made by the Spanish CX label from Petrer, Alicante. The “Rose Quartz” sandal is sought after for formal events like weddings and first communions, but it also works very well with a more relaxed feminine style. It is very convenient that the sandal comes in three different heights. Comfort without sacrificing style is the mantra of all Spanish shoemakers.

Fascination With White Shoes

Fascination with white shoes has been with me for a long time. Independent of bridal fantasies, I think that there is something about white shoes that is dear to a girl’s heart. It may be the promise of summer romance, of carefree time, of dancing….

Shoes Extraordinaire

One of the main reasons I love Spanish shoes is the unbridled fantasy of the designers and their ability to channel their love of life into shoes. Their flight of fancy is wholeheartedly supported by the Spanish public, which loves to be original, extravagant, and daring. A “shoe extraordinaire” can mean a unique color combination, unusual texture, a special embellishment effect, or a “fashion quote” from a time long past.

The Esparto Advantage

Esparto is a resilient grass with tough narrow leaves that gave its name to the espadrille (via the Catalan espardenya or the southern Spanish esparteña). This reed grows in Spain, North Africa, and many other dry and semi-dry areas of the world. As a material, the esparto grass possesses two indisputable advantages: it is very resilient and highly breathable. The art and know-how of esparto craftsmanship would be in danger of disappearing if it wasn’t for people like Alejandro Sevilla, the founder of Espartéame. The company makes and distributes design objects made of esparto to professional decorators, various types of businesses, and regular people who have a connection with the material and want to have it in their home.

Two Years In Our Spanish Shoes

The Spanishoegallery Blog is TWO YEARS OLD! This has been a great year – here are some highlights. We’ve introduced a great Barcelona-based brand Deux Souliers, time-tested Mallorca-based Lottusse and Barrats 1890, Elda-based Paco Herrero and Paco Gil, Homers (and Argila), the perfect blend of luxury and comfort from Menorca, AGARE, a quality casual footwear maker from the Zaragoza area, and Wappi, a brand that wants to shake up the ballerina flat market by allowing you to create your own while attracting attention to women-friendly causes.

“Spanish Shoes Are Very Well Made”

I must confess that even though I buy these wonderful, often expensive shoes, I am somewhat lacking in the “taking care of them so that they stay pristine” department. Thankfully, here in Toronto, we have a shoe repair place called “Novelty Shoe Rebuilders Ltd”. Their current shoe maker in-chief, Robert Perry, is a master of his craft and a super charismatic guy.

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