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Luxury Handbags by Naiara Elgarresta

The Spanishoegallery Blog is thrilled to feature the inaugural collection of luxury handbags by a hot new Spanish shoes and accessories designer – Naiara Elgarresta. Naiara’s creative profile is a happy mix of masculine and feminine energies – the Ying and Yang of design. She is both a dreamer and a pragmatic, a meticulous planner and a lover of adventure, a sports fanatic and a girly girl. When these qualities intersect, great things are created. Case in point: a handbag collection under the designer’s own brand name, launched online last week through her new website.

Rosalia: a new Spanish style icon

There is a new Spanish style icon and her name is
Rosalía. Rosalía Vila is a twenty-five year old singer-songwriter who mixes flamenco music with urban or art pop, hip-hop, R&B, you name it, to create magnetic performances and edgy videos that have now earned her millions of fans around the world and two Latin Grammy awards for the song “Malamente” from her 2018 album: “Mal Querer”. Rosalía is like Madonna in her twenties – fearless, confident, and bursting with talent. As she is taking the music world by storm, she can’t help influencing people’s fashion choices and become a style icon, just like Madonna did in her day.

Red and Black Ankle Boots

Red and black is a powerful combination much loved by artists and fashion designers. The clash between the hot red energy and cool black energy is provocative and exciting. This is also true for shoes, of course. The red and black combo is timeless, but it seems to be a particularly hot trend this fall. The Art Company, a Spanish brand known for its metropolitan style footwear that comes in a dazzling array of colors, has a particularly attractive line up of red and black ankle boots to offer this season.

Rustic Charm Sandals from Spain

Rustic charm sandals are symbols of what we in the Northern hemisphere call a perfect summer. It is the time to unwind, to get back to basics, to be one with the nature without having to put many protective layers between yourself and the elements. Of all Europeans, Spanish have perfected the art of dressing in harmony with your surroundings. Spanish sense of fashion and style is a reflection of the country’s long tradition of finding beauty in humble things. Materials like jute, raffia, esparto grass (which actually gave the espadrilles their name), hand-woven textiles are worked into shoes and accessories for durability, comfort, and a rustic charm that is often very refreshing, especially for urban dwellers yearning to get out of the urban jungle.

Wide Strap Sandals For Your Summer Wanderings

The most popular Mediterranean summer shoes are simple wide strap sandals – sandals made of two parallel or crossing straps of leather. Wide strap sandals come flat or with a small heel or wedge. Simplicity is key. The wide strap sandal, so popular in Spain, is a versatile summer staple that goes with practically anything and can be worn anywhere where open toe shoes are appropriate.

Vintage Hats in “Cable Girls”

Helena Sanchis, the chief costume designer for the Netflix 1920s period drama “Cable Girls”, is known for her terrific fashion flair and great sense of historical detail. She outfitted her “cable girls” with a number of beautiful vintage hats and accessories. Elegant hats and unique fascinators are timeless – if you like 1920s fashion, take a look at some contemporary pieces by the Barcelona-based artisan milliner Gema Galdón.

Vintage Heels in “Cable Girls”

Not since the “Great Gatsby” have vintage heels and other accessories been given as much screen time as in the new Netflix series “Cable Girls” – a 1920-30s period drama set in Madrid, Spain. When we say “vintage heels”, we usually refer to a closed toe heeled shoe with straps forming a T or a Y and a side buckle fastening. This kind of shoe is called a T-strap pump. The T-strap pump has never really gone out of style. Instead, it keeps getting reinvented for each decade.

Brilliant Stilettos To Ring In the New Year

We all aspire to feel glamorous and shine like diamonds, at least from time to time, and on New Year’s especially. The most dazzling stilettos I’ve seen In the countdown to this year’s festivities are the “Kameron” by the Spanish luxury high-heel brand Pura López. The brand specializes in making the most perfectly shaped beautiful leather stilettos and other types of heeled shoes. Pura López shoes are quite literally fit for a queen.

Six Cold Season Power Boots

To successfully combat winter’s wet and chilly weather, you really need power boots. By power boots I mean boots that can do at least two jobs at the same time: be rugged enough for walking (as opposed to hopping in and out of the car) and nice enough to look at. Boots that I’m about to show you are made of quality materials that will not fall apart from contact with water, snow, salt or ice-clearing agents and are also stylish enough to wear in the city.

Crossing the Waist Line in Madrid

Of all the Spring-Summer 2018 collections that were shown by Spanish designers during New York and Madrid Fashion Weeks last month, there were two that particularly appealed to me. The first collection was by Menchén Tomàs, a designer I did not know much about, and the second one by Dolores Cortés, a prolific swimwear designer from Valencia and an old favorite of this blog, thanks to her many collaborations with Spanish shoes and accessories designers. In both collections, the creative energy seems to center on the waist. Of course, a slim waist is the most coveted summer accessory – you really do not need much else to look good in the summer. However, in the Menchén Tomàs and Dolores Cortés collections a lot more happens at the waist than first meets the eye.

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