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Launching The Espadrille

Have you ever celebrated something by “launching the espadrille”? People in Spain never cease to surprise me with the things they get up to, including this yearly espadrille launching festival, celebrated in the Cervera village of La Rioja. If I’ve learned anything in my four years of writing the Spanishoegallery Blog (it is hard to believe, but the blog is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year), it’s that Spanish shoe makers know a thing or two about people and about happiness.

Rock Chick Style With Zinda of Spain

Whether you are an authentic rock chick or not, rock chick style is very alluring. Usually, it is associated with the young and the rebellious, but, if you can successfully pull it off at a more, ahem, mature age, without being Courtney Love, all the power to you! Rock chick style is edgy, it’s cool, and it can run the gamut from feminine to fierce, with many, many different variations in between. If you are eager to try it out or looking to change up your current version, here is one of these variations.

Travel Bags and Accessories by La Portegna

Travel bags and accessories brand La Portegna came about because of one man’s sensibility for “slow travel”. For José Urrutia, the founder of La Portegna, it all began with his grandmother, who told him fascinating stories of long boat voyages to far away lands at a time when “slow travel” was the only type of travel. The objects that decorated her home spoke of things she had seen and people she had encountered and befriended along the way (among them Ernest Hemingway). Moved by his grandmother’s experiences, the charismatic Spanish entrepreneur set out to create the most cherished travel bags and accessories on the market.

Basket Bags Spell Summer Elegance

Basket bags are charming and seductive in their simplicity. Season after season, decade after decade, women are drawn to this romantic summer fashion accessory. Basket bags are typically made of a variety of plant materials and fibers like raffia, jute, sisal, wicker, and others. Most major women’s fashion brands, from Balenciaga to Zara and Mango, have their own versions. That said, I like to look at smaller, independent brands, because that is where most unique and creative pieces are to be found.

Floral Heels Inspired by the Canary Islands

Floral heels generally look beautiful on well-groomed feet, but the ones I want to talk about in this post are not of a general kind. The artistic inspiration for these particular floral heels has sprung of a very special place on earth, or rather in the ocean: Canary Islands, the most southerly region of Spain.

Menorcan Sandals by Menorquinas Popa

Traditional Menorcan sandals known as avarques (avarca in singular), have been on my radar for as long as I’ve been publishing this blog. The great thing about these typical Menorcan sandals is, of course, that they are light, airy, and the colour choices are endless. Some time ago, I became aware of a brand called Menorquinas Popa (“menorquinas” is another way the Spanish refer to Menorcan sandals). Not only did this brand’s avarques appeal to my fashion sense, but I also liked that a lot of them come with a platform.

Romantic Sandals by C-Doux

For lovers of the romantic fashion style, I discovered a great Menorcan brand named C-Doux. C-Doux is a play on the French expression “c’est doux” – which can mean both “it is sweet” and “it is soft”.

On the Hunt for a Great Mule Sandal

The mule sandal has made it as a hot street style fashion item for a few seasons now. A mule sandal is where extreme ease and desire for lounging meet style. From flat to heeled, from casual to formal, mules are claiming a spot in our summer wardrobes.

Embroidered Sandals, Sneakers, and Clogs

Embroidered sandals, as well as sneakers, and clogs are the height of chic this summer. Call it longing for the flower power aesthetic of the seventies, or renewed interest in traditional artisan embellishments, of which embroidery is the most spectacular, or fashion industry’s response to the consumer’s desire to stand out and own a (relatively) unique piece of wearable art, but…. Bottom line is that embroidered shoes are back big time and probably for more than one season.

Summer Basics: The Simple Leather Sandal

A simple leather sandal is the keystone of summer basics, especially in and around the Mediterranean. To somebody from the Mediterranean, a big part of summer enjoyment comes from being able to move around freely, with comfort and ease. Stylistically, this translates into minimalist design and an almost fanatical preoccupation with quality, beauty, and practicality of the materials.

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