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The Moccasin File

I used to think of the moccasin (or the loafer, as many people call it) as something unexciting, conservative rather (funny, isn’t it, given the moccasin’s humble origin as a simple hand-sewn shoe), but I have since changed my mind. On certain occasions and with certain outfits, a nice moccasin can be both stylish and practical. And, if it is cute, as the Spanish mocs that I’m about to show you are, so much the better. I dubbed this list the “Moccasin File”.

Castañer’s Big Birthday

It was Castañer’s big birthday the other day – the iconic Spanish espadrille firm is 90 years old. I have professed my love for this brand countless times on this blog. One of the most popular Castañer models these days is the “Carina” espadrille wedge. The brand is currently running a draw – every day until April 16, 2017, you can win a pair of “Carinas” by going to Castañer’s FB page or through their website. If you don’t win, there is a very attractive version of the “Carina” espadrille currently being sold on FarFetch.

Bronzed Effect Ankle Boot by Homers

This “bronzed” boot by Homers is so beautiful that it has me “shaking in my boots”, as they say. Readers of this blog already know how much I love interesting textures in shoes, but there is much more to this boot than just texture. The bronze colored leather with pink and silver undertones and the cool stripe-patterned heel all help create this smashing exterior. This boot looks like it was bathed in the beautiful Mediterranean sunlight.

Ten Spanish Sneakers You Can Get Right Now

Spanish sneakers are great, because of their originality, hand-made quality, comfort, and the overall cool factor. Some are sold worldwide, some are only available within the European Union or, in some cases, only within Spain. But if you had a craving for a swell pair of Spanish sneakers right now, where would you go to get it?
Well, I would recommend browsing YOOX and FarFetch – they carry many Spanish brands (YOOX more than FarFetch) and they are great online shopping destinations, with fast, hassle-free shipping, quality service, and free returns.

When White Sneakers Blossom

The newly arrived spring is a great excuse to do a white sneakers “edit”. We are all so addicted to this cool, sporty casual shoe that many here in Canada and the US tried to cheat and started wearing white sneakers in February, during a spell of unusually warm weather. I can understand – generally, sneakers are light, trendy footwear, but white sneakers are even more special: they are a wardrobe staple that combines with lots of things and adds freshness to any outfit.

Fresh Espadrille Designs for Spring

Like spring flowers, new espadrille designs are emerging everywhere in Spain – a beautiful promise of sun and leisure that lie ahead. In our latitudes, we are still a good couple of months away from the warm sun, let alone laid-back hours of leisure, but one look at these ultimate summer shoes puts me in a sunnier mood. The espadrille collections I’m presenting today come from two espadrille specialist brands that we haven’t featured before: the Catalan Toni Pons and the Basque Juncal Aguirre or Calzanor.

Running With The Wind: the Shoe Designer from San Sebastián

Naiara Elgarresta, from Urretxu (pronounced Urrechu) in the Basque region of northern Spain, wanted to be a shoe designer since she was six. On the weekends she would badger her father into taking her to San Sebastián, the closest big city so that she could window shop for shoes, hats, and other accessories. Then she would return home and craft her own fashion pieces.

Mermaid Heels and Other Cool Fantasies

Mermaid heels – that’s what I call shoes that have a distinctly scaly leather texture. They happen to be signature Paco Herrero, a classic Spanish dressy women’s shoe brand from Elda. Not too long ago I featured a “mermaid” ankle boot by them. As I often say on this blog, I’m a huge admirer of textured leather shoes.

My Enchanted Fantasy Christmas

The season inspired me to put together a list of things that would make me very happy: a fantasy Christmas list. Since we are talking fantasy, price is no object. There is only one rule: common sense has no place on a fantasy Christmas list. There is nothing common about fantasy Christmas. And that’s the whole point.

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