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A Quick Summer Espadrille Rundown

Espadrille is a great summer favorite. The traditional Spanish rope sole slipper is down to earth informal, pretty, and flattering. Authentic espadrilles can only be found in Spain, where people have spent centuries, literally, sewing them for themselves and their neighbors. Outside Spain, the most basic and affordable Spanish espadrilles are sold by Espadrille Store based in Montreal, Canada. The espadrilles are made in Cervera del Rio Alhama, La Rioja. Local artisans work as a team using traditional craft techniques and equipment.

Designer High Heels by Sara Navarro

Designer high heels differ from regular high heels in much more than price. The ones that are truly exceptional mirror the identity of their creator. This is definitely the case with the luxury designer shoes and accessories brand of Sara Navarro.

Gold metallic sandal by Pura López

Gold metallic sandal by Pura López in a flat, minimalist version is a rare treat. Pura López is a luxury women’s shoe brand that is better known for its classy nude pumps and glamorous high heels. But from time to time you can also find great exceptions from that rule, such as the “Hena” sandal.

Lace Up Sandals

Lace up sandals are making a very strong appearance this season and I’m loving it! Lace-ups look great on the feet and on the legs. Here is fashion icon Kendall Jenner wearing a striking “gladiator” version of the lace-up sandal, also called the “cage” sandal.

Seville April Fair

The Fair of Seville is a big dress up party, as the city celebrates its living flamenco and gypsy heritage. It helps if you know how to dance the famous “Sevillanas” dance. Or you can just hang out and drink copious amount of wine in one of the many beautifully decorated tents (“casetas”). One of the greatest things for me is to observe the gorgeous outfits and accessories that you see the ladies wearing. In fact, I was so psyched that I came up with the “Rose of Seville” challenge.

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On the Heels of MB Fashion Week Madrid

The heels of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid took the stage at Spain’s most important fashion show from February 18 to 23, 2016. Here are my favorites shoes and accessories from the Fall-Winter 2016-17 collections.

Paloma Barceló Twirly Wedges

Paloma Barceló Summer 2016 collection features gracefully twirling patterns on the signature sky-high wedges. Taking inspiration from Gaudi’s Barcelona, the brand designers create more than shoes. They create conversation starters.

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