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Versatile Farrutx

Farrutx is a brand that has retained its Mallorcan roots. Farrutx has a distinctly unique voice in Spanish shoe design but at the same time it also shares in the legacy of the island’s traditional high-quality craftsmanship and leather know-how with other well-known high-end brands like Camper, Lottusse and Barrats 1890.

Shoe of the Week: Ángel Alarcón

Today’s Shoe of the Week comes from Ángel Alarcón. The brand makes embellished pumps and sandals with high heels designed for formal occasions, like weddings, but also for any party or evening out. Ángel Alarcón shares the same foot-friendly philosophy and shapely silhouette with its sister brand, Mikaela.

AGARE Boots in Action

In the spring of 2015 I found myself looking for a pair of casual winter boots for my mother and I (especially for her, since she has an old spine injury and has difficulty finding boots that don’t cause her discomfort in walking). Looking, of course, as I usually do, in the “Made in Spain” orbit, I came across a Zaragoza-area company called AGARE.


Élysèss, an exclusively women’s Spanish shoe brand based in Elche, stood out to me because of its deft mix of retro, classic, and bohemian styles. Flowing, feminine lines, smooth edge finish, soft textures, sparse, but effective embellishments, and moderately high heels present a unified design vision.

Shoe of The Week: Mikaela

Our latest Shoe of the Week is a grey suede ballerina by Mikaela. I’ve liked a lot of Mikaela models in the past and own a T-strap ballerina of theirs, which I love (got it through YOOX, you can see it here), but this grey model really caught me. I love the varying tones of the grey suede, the shiny tip, the small heel, and the oh so very elegant shape.

Three Magic Kings List

It’s time to get your list ready for the Three Magic Kings! So, traditionally, on this blog I put my own list together, if only to really determine what it is that I really, really want (pardon the pun). Of course, I only blog about things that I consider worthy of notice, but I post for many people, with different tastes, not only my own. The following list represents my own personal taste (all Made in Spain, of course).

Dance The Night Away

New Year’s Eve, or Sylvester Night as many know it in Europe, is tomorrow. On this occasion I wanted to leave all the readers and visitors of the Spanishoegallery Blog with something light, frilly, and fun, like this avarca sandal made by Alpargatitas.

A Chie Mihara Gal

finally decided to find the aThere is a question that has been on my mind for a while: is there a quintessential Chie Mihara gal? I finally decided to find an answer to this question after checking out Chie Mihara’s Fall-Winter 2015-16 collection. I’ve covered plenty of her shoes on this blog and many astounded me with their exquisitely worked textures, stunning colors, quirky patterns, slightly surrealistic aesthetic, and, of course, the attention to anatomical correctness.

Shoe of the Week: Jose Saenz

Continuing with the boot topic in the run-up to the holidays, here is a tremendous pair of winter boots by Jose Saenz, an Arnedo, La Rioja, company. I’ve been watching Jose Saenz for a while. The impression I am getting is that this brand has a confident, sporty and technology-oriented personality.

Shoe of the Week: Palomitas

Our Shoe of the Week series is back! This week we are featuring the “Astrid” heeled loafer from the Palomitas line of Paloma Barceló. (The Palomitas line is like Paloma Barceló light – less drama, more down-to-earth and casual). Making shoes with a thick lug platform and heel look elegant is a feat that the designers at Paloma Barceló have perfected down to an art.

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