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spanish fashion

Spanish Fashion Fixture in New York

Spanish fashion has become a recognized voice at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, also known as the New York Fashion Week. For the last few years, it has been represented by the trio of Desigual, Delpozo, and Custo Barcelona. Of the three, Custo has been making the trip over the pond the longest. Desigual and Delpozo are more recent additions that have also gotten off to a good start. Delpozo, especially, has become a favorite of the global fashion elite. This February the designers presented their Fall 2017 – Winter 2018 collections.


spanish fashioin

The star dress of Delpozo Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection, presented at New York Fashion Week.

Delpozo chose a striking yellow and purple combination for the star dress of its Fall-Winter 2017-18 collection. The colors are beautiful and pure, and the long voluminous tulle skirt is now a street style regular. Having been liberated from the confines of the formal style, it is often spotted sweeping pavements at fashion hotspots around the world. Thanks, Delpozo!

spanish fashion

Delpozo “architectural” coat, Fall-Winter 17-18, presented at New York Fashion Week.

The glamorous Spanish fashion house is known for its highly-recognizable outerwear, with exaggerated, insect-like shapes. This copper brown coat reminds me of a butterfly. The model’s headdress, fitted, with short colorful spikes, looks like an insect head. All in all, the coat is so strikingly beautiful that it is an outfit in and of itself, no matter what you choose to wear underneath (a red turtleneck and plain skirt would fully suffice). The dark-red pointy-heel patent leather booties feature a diagonal stripe in copper brown that matches the coat.


spanish fashion

Desigual Fall-Winter 17-18 ensemble with a barrel bag and mixed-material booties.

spanish fashion

Desigual FW 17-18, detail. Image source here.

Desigual continued to explore the limits of casual, boldly mixing tweed and denim, and adding tantalizing accents like corset-laced gloves, neon-colored fishnets, and fur pom-poms. The barrel bag, usually a more formal accessory, adds nice volume to the flamboyant outfit.

spanish fashion

Desigual Fall-Winter 17-18 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York.

Long draping dress made of colorful stripes and black mesh immediately calls attention to itself and the thick cropped military-grey jacket makes it stand out even more. To top it all off, you’ve got a spiky red leather cap, red pom-pom, and spiky boots. One thing is for sure:  Desigual is not just a brand, it is an attitude.

spanish fashion

Custo Barcelona Fall-Winter 17-18 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York.

Custo designers love unconventional materials, especially if they are see-through. Among other things, the Fall-Winter 2017-18 season collection includes this asymmetrical mesh tunic in electric blue layered over equally asymmetrical fishnet bodice. The whole is complemented by a high silver metallic belt and black knee-high boots. Like Desigual, Custo thrives on mixing and matching, but the tones are cooler and the resulting effect is more futuristic than bohemian.

spanish fashion

Custo Barcelona Fall-Winter 17-18 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

spanish fashion

Custo Barcelona Fall-Winter 17-18 collection presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York.

It is safe to say that New York Fashion Week would not be the same without Spanish fashion brands. They bring in a bold and fresh perspective, which is already beginning to influence they way we dress in North America.




Shoes and Chocolate

Shoes and Chocolate For a Wintery Day

Shoes and chocolate are the best treats a woman can get on Valentine’s Day. I used to underestimate chocolate, but I never underestimated the power of shoes. Lately, I’ve been scouring YOOX, my affiliate partner and THE greatest online destination for Spanish shoes outside Spain, for good deals on yummy Spanish shoes. Here is what I came up with:

shoes and chocolate

Chelsea style ankle boot by Si by Sinela. $98 on YOOX. For further details and to buy click on the image.

I’ve had my eye on these cute deep-red ankle boots for a while. Si by Sinela makes great shoes, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind that their designs tend to be on the narrow side. The thick serrated sole and smooth, sturdy leather will get you through any winter slush with flying colors. In my experience, Spanish leather is very good at withstanding salt and other aggressive substances cities use to melt snow and ice on their sidewalks. All you have to do is wipe the boots with a clean wet cloth when you get home. The price of these boots is amazing, but only a few sizes are left. (To find out if yours is still available, click on the image).

shoes and chocolate

Deep burgundy Chelsea style ankle boot with reptile effect side gores by Pons Quintana. $56 at YOOX. For further details, click on the image.

Continuing with the red Valentine’s Day theme, here is a beautiful pair of medium heel Chelseas by Pons Quintana. These boots have a finer leather texture than the Si by Sinela booties above. Glossy reptile effect leather inserts hide the elastic component, making the boots look very elegant. The boots also have a zipper on the inner side. The price is out of this world good.


spanish treats

Red suede low-heel ballerina-pump by Pretty Ballerinas. $103 on YOOX. For more details, click on the picture.

This is classic Pretty Ballerinas, with luscious fiery red suede and grosgrain ribbon. The thin gold-colored metallic insert at the base of the heel makes the shoes look even more festive. The inner rim is not elasticized, which I actually like. The pressure from the elastics can get a bit tiring after a while. At least in my case, since my feet are on the wide side. Like Si by Sinela, Pretty Ballerinas are ideal for a normal to narrow foot.

shoes and chocolate

Pink gold high-heel sandals in reptile effect leather by Magrit. Heel height 3.9″. $265 on YOOX. For more info, click on the image.

Magrit is a luxury brand with a reputation for dressing the cream of Spanish society. Hence the price. However, comparatively speaking, it is not high for shoes of this quality. The brand loves using textures, embellishments, and any other means to create the “wow” effect. Magrit shoes are made to dazzle and dazzle they do. I would love to try them on one day: I hear that they are also highly wearable.

Finally, let’s not forget the chocolate!  I wouldn’t presume to recommend one brand over the other, but we all know that shoes and chocolate are only as good as the people who make them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

shoes and chocolate

Photo courtesy of Godiva.

Paloma Barcelo Raffia Ballerina Cork Heel2

Paloma Barceló Summer Raffia Shoes

Summer raffia shoes are one of those simple delights that are very close to my heart. There is so much beauty in something so simple like raffia. Of course, it takes great skill and specific technology to make raffia look like that. Paloma Barceló, one of this blog’s most admired brands, is in full possession of both. The Las Bailarinas brand did something similar, but it was a much smaller company and it didn’t stay in business, unfortunately. But their little raffia bluchers were adorable.

Here is something to look forward to in these chilly winter months – a raffia ballerina from Paloma Barceló‘s Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

summer rafia shoes

Paloma Barceló Lacy Raffia Ballerina with a low cork heel. Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

Paloma Barcelo Raffia Ballerina Cork Heel3

Lacy summer raffia shoes, perfectly paired with a gorgeous powder blue summer suit. Natural look par excellence courtesy of Paloma Barceló.

These ballerinas are not yet available on the Paloma Barceló website, but sandals of a similar type are:

summer raffia shoes

Cely Natural viscose rope open-toe sandal with medium cork heel. $307 on the Paloma Barceló website.

summer raffia shoes

Cely natural rope sandal. Paloma Barceló SS17.

summer raffia shoes

Paloma Barceló SS17.

The “Cely” sandal is made out of viscose rope, not raffia, but it has a very similar look. The Paloma Barceló Spring-Summer 2017 collection is delightful in and of itself and it warrants a separate post. For now, I leave you with the “Cely” sandal and the beautiful summer raffia shoes – a little breath of the Mediterranean.

Paco Herrero Blue Mermaid Pump

Mermaid Heels and Other Cool Fantasies

Mermaid Heels

Mermaid heels – that’s what I call shoes that have a distinctly scaly leather texture. They happen to be signature Paco Herrero, a classic Spanish dressy women’s shoe brand from Elda. Not too long ago I featured a “mermaid” ankle boot by them. As I often say on this blog, I’m a huge admirer of textured leather shoes. That said, I don’t like scaliness – not in shoes, not in clothes, not generally. Reminds me too much of a fish or a snake. Nothing wrong with those creatures, but we have different habitats (usually). However, mermaid heels by Paco Herrero are one big exception. They tickle my senses and bring up good associations. Like the story of the little mermaid who wanted to marry a prince. These shoes are welcome in my natural habitat any day of the week.

"Mermaid" pump by Paco Herrero

Mermaid” pump by Paco Herrero. Currently on sale for 49 Euros on the Paco Herrero website.

Paco Herrero has really great sales: these shoes initially cost double. The website delivers worldwide, but I’m not very happy with the shipping fees for North America at the moment. It does not necessarily have to be like this – many Spanish companies ship for less and I wish folks at Paco Herrero did something about this. I would love to own a pair or more of their shoes but just can’t bring myself to buy them with these shipping prices. Of course, if you are in Europe, you are in luck. Shipping will be next to nothing, so your mermaid heels would end up being a great steal.

Paco Herrero is a well-established brand based at the very heart of Spain’s luxury shoe production. Their designers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and the mermaid heels are a perfect example. The leather texture imitates scales oh so well, and yet, it doesn’t possess that unnervingly zoological look. The “scales”, of course, are wonderful at catching the light, which makes the shoes look slightly iridescent.

mermaid heels

The “Mermaid” pump in gold. Made in Spain by Paco Herrero. 49 Euros on the Paco Herrero website.

Cool Tones

mermaid heels

Wine tone suede tall boot by Paco Herrero. On sale for 75 Euros ($80!!!) on the Paco Herrero website.

mermaid heels

Low-heel Paco Herrero Suede Tall Boot in Wine. 75 Euros ($80) on the Paco Herrero website.

There is another thing that I noticed about Paco Herrero: the propensity to use cool tones. There are, of course, exceptions, but cool tones seem to dominate. Case in point: this flat tall boot in beautiful light burgundy. It had me at hello, as they say. The color is quite extraordinary. Can’t you just see how any old and tired outfit would be brought to life with these? This is one of those instances where shoes (or boots) set the tone for the whole look. The boots are simply exquisite, and, not to mention, comfortable. I would buy them without any hesitation if it wasn’t for the shipping fees.

mermaid heels

Musqueteer style over-the-knee high-heel boot by Paco Herrero. 99 Euros on the Paco Herrero website.

This musqueteer boot is very sexy, almost too sexy, actually. Not least because the leather is so soft and glossy. The boot does have a good profile. Considering the quality, the price is amazing.

mermaid heels

High-heel Mary Jane by Paco Herrero featuring a studded back seam and a non-slip sole. Currently on sale for 71 Euros on the Paco Herrero website.

This sturdy Mary-Jane has a very attractive profile, further enhanced by the cool black sheen of the large-grain leather. A great urban warrior shoe!

mermaid heels

The studs in the back, the stable, slightly tapered heel, and the robust ankle strap add a strong, edgy vibe. 71 Euros on the Paco Herrero website.

What’s To Come: Summer 2017

Paco Herrero Summer 2017 collection is true to form: strong, confident, imaginative, classy.

mermaid heels

Paco Herrero Suede Open Pump in red. Features long ankle straps and a high wooden heel. Summer 2017. Photo courtesy of Patricia Jorge.

This astonishingly beautiful shoe may be considered impractical by some, but it is definitely a tour de force. It also comes in navy.

mermaid heels

Bonded Straps High Heel Sandal in cool magenta by Paco Herrero SS2017. Photo courtesy of Patricia Jorge.

The Paco Herrero summer staple high-heel sandal in cool magenta. Summer 2017.

mermaid heels

Cage style black kitten heel pump with pink and red decorative detail. Paco Herrero SS 2017. Photo courtesy of Patricia Jorge.

Kitten heels are super popular (again), but this one is extra special because of the intriguing “cage” body with glossy pink and red scallop-shaped appliqués in the front and back.

mermaid heels

High-Heel Suede Sandals featuring double straps and an external platform. Paco Herrero Summer 2017. Photo courtesy Patricia Jorge.

This luxurious high-heel suede sandal is a summer party favorite. The external platform is just right for mitigating the height of the solid straight heel, without spoiling the sandal’s impeccable profile.

mermaid heels

Red Dots Sandal featuring a high patent leather cylinder heel in red. Paco Herrero SS 2017.Photo courtesy Patricia Jorge.

The connected dots design is certainly very original. I wonder how it actually feels on the foot. The profile, complete with the glossy cylinder heel, is certainly attractive.

So here is a taste of Paco Herrero – both of what is available now and what will hit the stores soon. Spanish women swear by this brand, so why not follow their lead? If you are not a mermaid heels gal, there are a lot of other great choices where these shoes came from. Let’s start making room in our closets!










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