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High Heel Mary Janes by Pura López

High heel Mary Janes are a great option for professional women who want to add a touch of playfulness to their corporate wardrobe. These shoes work on opposites: on the one hand the rounded toe and the ankle strap are very proper and school-girl like, but on the other hand tall heels signal definite grown-up territory. A case of double identity, if you will. A pair of good high heel Mary Janes would do a very nice job softening the stereotypical hard-nosed look that many women strive for in order to be taken seriously in the corporate world.

high heel mary janes

Jarilla” 4” block heel Mary Janes by Pura López Fall-Winter 2016-17.

high heel mary janes

These posh Mary Janes are made of dark grey plush velvet. Currently at 195 Euros for UK customers on the Pura López website.

I like to refer to these glamorous “JarillaMary Janes by Pura López as the “velvet seduction“. Being a classical formal dress material, velvet is both sensuous and respectable looking. When we come to look at the shoes losely, the whole concept of these high heel Mary Janes revolves around the idea of softness. The four inch high block heel is covered in suede; its shape, while not bulky, is light years away from the sharpness of a stiletto heel. The narrow ankle strap is made of pliable glossy black leather (which contrasts nicely with the matte velvety exterior).

high heel mary janes

The “Jarilla” block heel Mary Janes in burgundy suede, featuring signature Pura López ultra-smooth nude leather lining.

It is interesting that the burgundy version is made out of suede, not velvet. I don’t think that this has to do with a shortage of burgundy-colored velvet. I venture to guess that this was a deliberate call. Red velvet brings up very strong associations. They may not have been what the designers were going for. As a luxury formal high heels designer, Pura López abides by her own strict rules of decorum. And so it should be, especially if one of your regular customers is a queen.


Textured Leather Ankle Boots

Textured leather is very eye-catching. If done well, it adds flair to any outfit, transforming it from mundane to fashionable. Spanish shoe makers, with their amazing leather making tradition, excel at leather effects, textured leather included. Given the season, ankle boots are on everyone’s mind. They are a very versatile urban style, good for the cool fall weather. Ankle boots come in a variety of colors, but black boots are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Here is a selection of black textured leather ankle boots from some of the best Spanish brands:

textured leather

Woven leather medium heel ankle boot in anthracite by Pons Quintana. Currently at 340 Euros on Pons Quintana website.

Pons Quintana is known for its awesome leather-weaving technique. It creates beautiful, light-capturing texture. It makes any shoe look so interesting, so attractive, that no other embellishments are required. This anthracite color ankle boot, partially in woven, partially in smooth metallic leather is very, very cool. It would work great with any item of the casual wardrobe and add that special touch to more formal attire.


textured leather

Low-heel crocodile effect embossed “Sara” leather boot by Paco Gil FW16-17, with frontal zipper detailing.

Paco Gil Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection is titled “Ophelia“. Inspired by 80s fashions, the collection features a lot of black patent leather, both smooth and textured. The pointy toe cap makes the “Sara” bootie look sleek, while the low heel and front zipper bring it right back down to earth. Finally, the mustard-yellow suede fringed zipper pull clashes with all of the above. That “tongue-in-cheek” detail is not a fluke: I look at it as a very 80s style dissonance.


textured leather

High-heel textured leather ankle boot by Paco Herrero. Currently at 125 Euros on Paco Herrero website.

Paco Herrero, the brand, brings to mind high heels and very feminine details. The moderately high, slender 7.5 cm (3”) heel and the delicate scaly textured leather of this ankle boot are all part of this dressy image. I call it the “mermaid” bootie.

textured leather

Patsy” textured leather ankle boot by Homers Fall-Winter16-17.

textured leather

PatsyChelsea-style ankle boot with 5cm (2″) heel, 2.5cm (1″) platform, and back zipper. Currently at 297Euros on Homers website (delivery only within Europe).

The “Patsy” ankle boot by the Menorca based Homers is a practical choice thanks to the rounded toe, low heel, and high-quality anti-slip serrated sole. The whole look is a nod to the military style, so popular this season.  On the other hand, the elasticized side insert, Chelsea boot style, channels an urban casual vibe. The fashion highlight is definitely the leather: the meticulously crafted engraved texture plays wonderfully with the light. It is a  really mesmerizing fantasy element.


textured leather

Odei” wax leather ankle boot by Audley Shoes Fall-Winter 16-17. Currently at 208 Euros at Audley website.

Wax textured leather is one of favorite materials at Audley Shoes. I love my wax leather “Kimberley” monk-strap shoes by Audley (see post here). Wax leather texture makes shoes look amazing. The material is great for fall and spring weather not least because it stands up well to wetness.

textured leather

Silvia” black metallic leather heeled ankle boot by Homers Fall-Winter 16-17. Currently at 279 Euros on Homers website.

Another stunner from Homers: the “Silvia” ankle boot. The black metallic effect leather ankle boot has a very special, oily sheen, which is really cool to look at and even cooler to wear.

textured leather

Low-heel ankle boot by AGARE in black metallic textured leather. 77,50 Euros on the AGARE website.

That AGARE is quality I can attest to myself, as both my mother and I each own a pair of AGARE winter boots (see post here). It is a very reliable brand that places great emphasis on comfort, practicality, and affordability. Fashion trends are considered, but not followed slavishly.

The low heel and side zipper make the above featured rocker style bootie a comfy and practical choice. Overall, the ankle boot has a really nice, well-finished profile. Details like the smooth leather zipper pull with button detailing add a bit of spice. All of this, however, wouldn’t look half as good if it wasn’t for the textured leather: very fine and slightly weathered looking. The metallic effect produces a pleasant, slightly oily sheen.

So here you have it: a selection of great textured leather Made in Spain ankle boots. I hope that this will inspire you to add a pair of Spanish boots to your closet.

A note: I get NO COMPENSATION whatsoever for promoting the products of the brands featured above. I do it out of my own volition, because I firmly believe that North American and other consumers deserve to know about and have access to the best footwear available. That said, I also work with affiliate links, such as you can find on my side bar and in some posts. Those are carefully curated by me personally and are also disclosed as such.

Enjoy the fall in style!


October Eve With Audley Shoes

This October eve marks the end of the Spanishoegallery Blog’s third anniversary celebration month. It makes for a good occasion to show you my current picks from the Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection of yet another favorite Spanish shoe brand: Audley.

october eve

Oria” suede ankle boot with side button panel detailing by Audley FW1617. $302 on the Audley Shoes website.

In Audley shoes every stitch, every little piece of hardware bears testimony to high-level Spanish craftsmanship. Whether it’s a boot, a loafer, or a pump, the shoes are both ladylike and practical. Their generous shape makes them very inviting, but fear not, no sacrifice of style is involved.  In “Oria” (the ankle boot above), the wide heel is softly tapered at the top, harmoniously joining with the natural curve of the back.  The three silver buttons on the side are a perfect contrasting detail to the deep black of the velvety suede. The top line of the boot slopes down to the comfy rounded toe at just the right angle. In short, this English-Spanish hybrid brand happily solves the dilemma that most modern women face on a daily basis: how to appear businesslike and feminine at the same time.

Audley has definitely transformed my approach to femininity and fashion. I feel like I trust myself more now fashion-wise.

october eveoctober eveoctober eve
october eve

Wax leather effect “Kimberley” monk-strap shoes by Audley Shoes, bought on YOOX.

october eve

Odei” wax leather effect medium heel ankle boot by Audley FW1617.

Punched leather” pumps with tubular modernist heels are another Audley staple that I can’t wait to get my feet into. Colors vary, but burgundy reds and deep cobalt blues are currently trend:

october eve

Logan” punched leather texture tubular heel pump by Audley FW1617. Currently $152 on Audley website.

october eve

The finely punched leather texture adds brilliancy to the color.

october eve

Lujan” tubular medium heel punched leather pump by Audley Shoes. Crepe rubber provides additional cushioning for the sole. $152 on Audley website.

Every collection includes unconventional pieces with an exuberant touch, like this “Macarena” V-cut bootie with an exaggerated baroque-style curved heel.

october eve

The “Macarena” grey-green suede shoe boot with its extravagant “S” shaped heel is signature Audley. $207.90 on Audley website.

october eve

Audley‘s “Macarena” green-grey suede ankle bootie in “overlapping” design style , low on the ankle, with inside zipper.

Time flies when you are looking at, or, better still, trying on Spanish shoes. It’s October eve 2016, the Spanishoegallery Blog is three years old, and the best is yet to come.  See you in October!



Herringbone Style at Paloma Barceló

The highlight of Paloma Barceló Fall-Winter 16-17 collection is the herringbone style pattern in burgundy, a trend color this fall. I am not one to to bet on just one color (unless it’s white), but I was seduced by the contrast between sleek calfskin and the dynamic visual beat of the herringbone pattern. The visual rhythm was greatly intensified by the orange-reddish hue of the linen cloth.

herringbone style

Layla” (also “Orense“) derby style pump with burgundy herringbone pattern fabric by Paloma Barceló FW16-17. Wooden heel with rubber-injected leather sole. Heel: 5.7”, platform 2”. Available at FarFetch. To go to product page, click on the image.

herringbone style

Paloma BarcelóLayla” (also “Orense“) calfskin derby-style herringbone style fabric pump with tassel, fringe and stud detailing. High wooden wedge with gold-rimmed doughnut-shaped opening. Available at FarFetch. To go to product page, click on the image.

The “Layla” wedge has has an air of Englishness to it, a very popular motif with Spanish designers these days (see post here). No amount of Englishness, however, can overpower the hallmark audacity of Paloma Barceló design. Just look at the doughnut-size gold-rimmed hole in the wooden wedge framed by golden metallic studs and you will know that you are deep in Dreamt Up and Made in Spain territory.

And this is why my love affair with Paloma Barceló continues since day one of me setting my eyes on Spanish shoes. It takes a heightened sense of fashion, very resilient arches, but, most of all, guts to get on board of that train. Italians, world’s most fashion-forward folk, love it. I don’t pretend to have the same flair, but the temptation is definitely there. The first pair of Spanish shoes that I ever consciously bought were Paloma Barceló:

herringbone style

Rope wedge with red suede upper by Paloma Barceló, bought on Net-a-Porter.

Then these followed:

herringbone style

Fuji” ankle boot with oversized buckle by Paloma Barceló, bought on Luisaviaroma.

herringbone style

Fuji” suede platform ankle boot by Paloma Barceló.

Then these:

herringbone style

Bettina” chevron-patterned rope wedge by Paloma Barceló, bought on Luisaviaroma.

Even though many Paloma Barceló designs will never end up in my shoe closet, I am now at the point where I am always interested in what Paloma Barceló designers have to offer. You don’t love a brand for what they can do for you (even though for that too) – you really love a brand for what it represents. For its risks, its new ventures, its flops, its successes – in short, for its essence. This is the case with me and Paloma Barceló.

Speaking of new ventures: Paloma Barceló just amped up its fashion game by branching out into high-end leather accessories. It was high time too, in my opinion – the brand has a very special relationship with Italian design, and, as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. So the FW1617 collection includes sleek calfskin bags and leather gloves with opulent leather, fur, and velvet detailing. With this well-rounded collection Paloma Barceló confirms its status as a high-street urban extravagance brand that can go head to head with its Italian peers.


Milano” bag in smooth black calfskin with tweedy side inserts by Paloma Barceló FW1617. $750 at Paloma Barceló online shop.

herringbone style

Long gloves in cut-out nappa leather continued as fringe by Paloma Barceló FW1617.

Other favorites from the Paloma Barceló FW-1617:


Oviedo” emerald green ankle boot with fringe and tassel detailing and plexiglass heel by Paloma Barceló FW16-17.

herringbone style

Coruna” calfskin laced shoes with burgundy-color herringbone style detailing and chunky plexiglass heel. $450 at the Paloma Barceló online shop.

So happy to have spent the last three years with Paloma Barceló!

Here is to many more:

herringbone style

Image source here.

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