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Shoe Shopping in Chamberí

Shoe shopping in Chamberí is a very pleasant experience. Small, centrally located, this Madrid neighborhood is within walking distance from the posh Salamanca. Yet the vibe is different. Chamberí is low-key chic. It is populated by independent fashion boutiques that offer shoes, accessories, and clothing at moderate prices.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

The location of the Chamberí district on the map of Madrid.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

38 Almagro street in Chamberí doubles as set for a scene in Pedro Almodóvar‘s iconic comedy Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Photo courtesy www.spotahome.com.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

One of many architectural gems in the barrio of Chamberí. Photo courtesy !Madrid!

La Alpargatería, 74 calle de García de Paredes.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi.

An enticing store front! La Alpargatería espadrille boutique, 74 García de Paredes, Chamberí, Madrid.

La Alpargatería translates very simply as “espadrille store“. It sells very moderately priced authentic espadrilles. The espadrilles are handmade in Spain and come in all possible colors and variations. If you need ballerina flats  or casual slippers (you can never have enough of those!), they sell them too. La Alpargatería has been around since 1986 and has attracted steady clientele, from tourists to the madrileños themselves. The Spanish do really love their espadrilles (also alpargatas, or espardenyes) and find many uses for them, from casual day outfits to evening chic.  La Alpargatería sells Spanish brands exclusively.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

The interior of La Alpargatería, bursting with color.

NAC, García de Paredes, 72 (for other locations see here).

A multi-brand family-owned boutique chain that carries Spanish and international fashion brands. The have an extremely attractive selection of ultra-trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories at medium-high prices.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

NAC fashion boutique, 72 c/ García de Paredes. Image source: The Curious Californian.


Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

How is that for ultra-trendy? Shoes on display at the NAC fashion boutique, 72 c/ García de Paredes, Chamberí, Madrid. Image source: The Curious Californian.

La Tienda de las Alpargatas, 72 c/ de Zurbano. Close to the intersection of García de Paredes and Zurbano streets is another small shop that sells traditional Spanish espadrilles. Most espadrilles are manufactured by artisans in La Rioja and Murcia. The store specializes in traditional espadrilles, like the Valencian type featured below. They come in fourteen different colors!

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

Valencia-style espadrilles by Caretes VLC Shoes. Photo courtesy of “Planeta Particular“, an Elle blog by the Spanish singer and songwriter Raquel del Rosario.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

Valencian style sandals with ribbons. “A Bailar” (“Let’s Dance”) model by espadrille maker “Alpargatitas“.

The store also carries the latest in espadrille fashion, in all sizes and colors. Besides, they have flip-flops and all manner of basic slippers at moderate to low prices.

La Tienda de Almudena, 93 c/ de Zurbano.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

La Tienda de Almudena is a multi-brand shoe boutique named after her owner, Almudena. Almudena is one of the most charismatic personalities on Madrid‘s independent fashion boutique scene. Her store specializes in shoes and bags, but it also carries a good range of accessories and gift items.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

Almudena in front of her charming store, offering some bubbly to the visitors of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in 2013. Image courtesy www.tictactable.com.

Two decades in the business, Almudena is passionate about what she does. Her customers rave about her enthusiasm, her taste, her product knowledge, and the design of her store. Almudena  stocks a meticulously curated collection of well-made stylish shoes for the independent, fashion-conscious woman. Her store is THE place to shop for Made in Spain shoes.  Well-respected Spanish brands like Wonders, Mustang, Alma En Pena, JONI, Pedro Miralles (to name just a  few), are part of her regular line up. The store constantly runs sales and promotions, so if you pay enough attention, you are very likely to pick up a great steal.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

In 2013 La Tienda de Almudena won the “Best Store” award launched by a popular Madrid weekly consumer guide magazine Bazar Me Lo Pido.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi.

Influential weekly consumer guide founded in 2004.

Almudena is very active on social media. Besides promoting her own business, she uses her social media channels to support independent entrepreneurship in Spain. I follow her Instagram feed and whenever I post a question, a friendly and fast response is guaranteed. From what I could gather, Almudena has two grown-up daughters and is friends with half of Madrid. A Madrid native, she also likes to unwind in a small village of Milmarcos, 200 km away from Madrid, in the Castile-La Mancha region.

In short, La Tienda de Almudena is an authentic, not-to-be-missed shoe shopping adventure Made in Spain.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

A gorgeous two-tone brogue-detailed suede pump on display at Madrid‘s La Tienda de Almudena.

Shoe Shopping in Chamberi

At La Tienda de Almudena accessorizing is a breeze!

I hope you liked your virtual Made in Spain shoe shopping tour in Madrid‘s Chamberí neighborhood. More Made in Spain shopping in Madrid to follow!

Gold metallic sandal by Pura López

Gold metallic sandal by Pura López.

Hena” metallic leather sandal by Pura López SS16.G

Gold metallic sandal by Pura López in a flat, minimalist version is a rare treat. Pura López is a luxury women’s shoe brand that is better known for its classy nude pumps and glamorous high heels. But from time to time you can also find great exceptions from that rule, such as the “Hena” sandal.

I love the fine details on this sandal. The miniature round buckles are a very fine piece of work. The multicolored feather trim gives the sandal a tantalizingly exotic look. The heel part provides some coverage and support – otherwise the foot is almost fully exposed, gently held by the slender golden straps. All in all, the gold, the feather detailing, and the positioning of the straps make the “Hena” sandal look like something from a tale about ancient Egyptian goddesses. Hence you do need to have nice-looking feet to pull this sandal off.

Ideally, your feet should look something like this:

Gold metallic sandal by Pura López.


Gold metallic sandal by Pura López.

Hena” gold metallic sandal with exotic feather trim detailing by Pura López.

This lovely sandal is available through the Pura López online store, which only delivers within the European Union. A selection of Pura López shoes (not necessarily this sandal) is always available at YOOX and Amazon’s MyHabit.

I hope that you are enjoying looking at this sandal as much as I am! I also hope that at some time in the near future we here in North America will have a chance to enjoy the actual sandal, not just the picture of it.





Lace Up Sandals

Lace up sandals are making a very strong appearance this season and I’m loving it! Lace ups look great on the feet and on the legs. Below, fashion icon Kendall Jenner is wearing a striking “gladiator” version of the lace up sandal, also called the “cage” sandal.

Gladiator sandals Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner stepping out in over-the-knee “gladiator” sandals. Image courtesy mirror.co.uk.

Spanish shoe makers are experts at making lace up sandals and shoes. Espadrilles, a Spanish specialty, often feature intricate lacing.

Lace up espadrilles

Placing laces on a traditional espadrille. Image courtesy Traditional & Authentic Espadrilles.ca.

Spanish climate also helps: dry summer heat calls for really scant, airy shoes that have a secure hold on your foot. I once had beach sandals from Camper, in black and orange, which were held together by stretchy criss-cross (also called ghillie) lacing. (Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of them). They were so gorgeous that women here in Toronto used to stop me on the street to ask where I got them. (It was Zappos).

Lace up sandal by Toutöu Shoes

The “Gaga” lace up sandal by Toutöu Shoes with 7 mm thick leather lined laces and black leather upper.


Lace up sandals by Toutöu Shoes

Toutöu is a young women shoes brand, born in 2014. It was started by experienced shoe designers from the Spanish shoe making hub of Elda, Alicante.


The “Gaga” lace up sandal by Toutöu Shoes.

I am totally taken with the “Gaga” sandal. Visually it reminds me of old lace up Camper, but in a more sophisticated leather version. I think that this company is going places!



Lace ups by Camper.

Sporty and flirty: “Peu Circuit“, soft nubuck flats with elastic lacing by Camper.


Lace ups by Camper.

Signature playful Camper style.

These lace ups by Camper are cute, but a bit too cute – my lace up beach sandals were way cooler.

Lace up sandal by Argila.

The lace up “Smoky Mekong” flat sandal by Argila is made of metallic cow leather with leather lace closure.


Lace up sandal by Argila.

The golden “Smoky Mekong” is a signature Menorca-style luxury sandal. It is available through the Argila online shop for customers within the EU.

The “Smoky Mekong” features two interlacing patterns: that of the leather and the laces themselves. Together they make for a luxuriously ornate sandal.

Lace-up sandals

Flat Roman-style lace-up sandal by Isteria Shoes.

I really like this Roman-inspired metallic lace-up sandal with copper undertones. Instead of trying to make the sandal look as historically “authentic” as possible, the designers of a young brand with the funny name of “Isteria“, opted for a modern twist on age-old classic. The sandal is simple, functional, with what looks like a laser-cut leather upper. I think that it is right to embrace and show off technological capabilities of today’s shoe industry. In general, Spanish shoe making companies are extremely good at finding a happy middle ground between artisan craftsmanship and the latest technological advances. They value the past, but they look forward.


Lace up heels by Luxpein.

High heel lace up suede sandal “Carla” by Luxpein, a brand of Nuuk Shoes. Heel height 7 cm. (2.6″).

The newly created brand Luxpein paid tribute to the lace up trend by creating this elegant high heel lace up sandal. A similar version is also available in textured metallic leather.

Lace up flat by Neon Boots.

Lace up “gladiator” espadrille-style sandals by Neon Boots.

Lace up sandal by Neon Boots.

Galia Riviera” lace up sandal in black. The golden-colored elastic laces have a button closure at the top. By Neon Boots.

Neon Boots took the “gladiator” style very seriously. They created wide flashy laces that can be securely fastened on the top. The sandal itself is basically a jute-soled, leather lined espadrille with shimmery fabric upper.

Lace up sandal by Magro Cardona.

Delic” old metal lace up sandal by Magro Cardona.

I like this minimalist take on the lace up sandal. The parallel strips of metallic effect leather are held together by black grosgrain ribbon.


Lace up sandal by Yokono Shoes.

Lace up “Villa” flat sandal by the ecologically minded Yokono Shoes.

Lace up flat sandal by Yokono Shoes.

The “Villa” lace up sandal in purple. Cork and non-slip rubber sole. By Yokono Shoes.

Villa” is a very simple, comfortable, yet trendy sandal. It is also very modest in price.

Lace up high heels sandal by Ángel Alarcón

Lace up peep-toe high heel sandal by Ángel Alarcón. Made out of microfiber, heel height 11 cm (4.3″), with an inner platform of 3 cm (1.2″).

In this Ángel Alarcón slingback the lace up effect is used to embellish an evening stiletto sandal.

So, which of the sandals is your favorite?



This Shoe of the Week, code-named the “Rose Quartz” sandal, was made by the Spanish CX label from Petrer, Alicante. The sandal comes to the Spanishoegallery Blog courtesy of Begoña Romero Sobrecueva from Valencia, Spain. De Sobrecueva is a family business. This exquisite shoe boutique was created by the mother twenty five years ago and is now run by the daughter. The shop is located in Valencia‘s city center.

Shoe of the Week Rose Quartz Sandal

This sandal by the Spanish CX label has a transparent vinyl frontal strip adorned with rose-quartz colored rhinestones. Heel height 8 cm (3.2”). Photo courtesy of De Sobrecueva, Carrer Félix Pizcueta 3, Valencia, Spain.

The “Rose Quartz” sandal comes in three heel sizes (1.2”, 2”, and 3.2″). I don’t know actually know whether the sandal is named “Rose Quartz“, but I decided to give it that name. The rhinestones  vary slightly in tone from pale pink to faint purple, just like the natural rose quartz stone. The faintest pastel pink of the leather, the nude leather lining, and the transparent quality of the vinyl really attenuate the rose effect.

Shoe of the Week Rose Quartz Sandal

This version is a slingback with two rose stone decorated vinyl panels and a slim 2” heel. By CX Shoes. Photo courtesy: De Sobrecueva, Carrer Félix Pizcueta 3, Valencia, Spain.

Shoe of the Week the Rose Quartz sandal

Rose Quartz” sandal, low heel version. By CX Shoes. Photo courtesy: De Sobrecueva, Carrer Félix Pizcueta 3, Valencia, Spain.

The company behind this and other labels started  out making casual comfort shoes, and then moved on to the medium high and high heel models. Hovering around 110 Euros, the CX label is in the medium price range.

The “Rose Quartz” sandal is sought after for formal events like weddings and first communions, but it also works very well with a more relaxed feminine style. It is very convenient that the sandal comes in three different heights. Comfort without sacrificing style is the mantra of all Spanish shoe makers. The sandal also comes in grey, with grey rhinestones and flower-patterned insole.

Grey vinyl and rhinestone sandal by CX Shoes.

The grey version of the sandal. By CX Shoes. Photo courtesy of De Sobrecueva.

De Sobrecueva Store Valencia

The gorgeous iron-wrought door beckons seductively at De Sobrecueva Store at Carrer Félix Pizcueta 3, Valencia, Spain. Photo courtesy of De Sobrecueva.

It’s great to think that this beautiful space has been created and lovingly maintained by two generations of women who are passionate about shoes. Begoña Romero Sobrecueva started by helping out in sales and is now running the operation. Visit the store’s Facebook Page to see pictures of more great shoes, chosen by the discerning eye of Begoña. And obviously stop by whenever you are in Valencia!







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