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Missoni Castañer collaboration is a wonderful gift to all shoe lovers. The two companies have what is a called a natural creative synergy. Both also come with great fashion pedigrees. Missoni is a legendary Italian label known for its famous “psychedelic” zigzag pattern that is iconic of the late 60s and the 70s.

Missoni Iconic Zigzag Pattern, Grazia Magazine, Spring 1968. Photo by Patrick Rouchon.

Castañervery popular in Italy, has time and time again come out with a number of espadrille collections featuring amazing artisan-grade textile patterns. Founded in 1927, Castañer was the first traditional Spanish espadrille maker to break into the high-fashion world by partnering with great masters of couture like Yves Saint-Laurent. Missoni’s cool knitwear and other instantly recognizable patterned textiles seem right up Castañer‘s alley. So, one could definitely say that the Missoni Castañer collaboration is a match made in heaven.

missoni castaner
By Missoni”Carina” style espadrille by Castañer. 190 Euros on the Castañer website.

The “pulsating” colorful zigzag pattern on the “Carina” espadrille is signature Missoni. If this espadrille was music, the zigzag pattern would be the melody and the multi-color jute wedge would be the base.

missoni castaner
By Missoni” by Castañer.

missoni castaner
Missoni zigzag pattern sweater as seen on YOOX. For more information, click on the image.


missoni castaner
Black and white zigzag espadrille mule by Missoni

The black and white zigzag stripes of varying width create a visually mesmerizing pattern on this traditionally sewn espadrille mule and the Castañer signature “Carina” model.

missoni castaner
Carina” black and white zigzag espadrille by Missoni for Castañer . Wedge height: 3.7”. 175 Euros on the Castañer website.
Carina” espadrille by
Castañer with Missoni wave pattern. 160 Euros on the Castañer website.

The wave pattern is also signature Missoni.

The knit dress below is done in the same style as the espadrille, only in a darker color palette. It is currently available on YOOX. You can go to the product page by clicking on the image.

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I really enjoy feasting my eyes on the Missoni Castañer collection – it is not very often that such great collaborations happen. There are several more interesting models in the collection – be sure to check it out. I have a feeling that it will be sold out before long!



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