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Vidorreta Espadrilles


Vidorreta is an espadrille-maker based in the village of Cervera del Rio Alhama in La Rioja. As an espadrille production hub, the Cervera del Rio Alhama is in healthy competition with equally well-established espadrille makers from Catalonia. The espadrilles are produced for distributors outside Spain, like Diego Arnedo‘s Espadrille Store in Montreal, Canada (see post here), but also for hometown brands like Vidorreta, who do their own distribution and marketing.


The Vidorreta family began transforming its jute-fiber specialized business into a full espadrille design and production facility in the 1970s. The company’s message is simple: espadrilles are real, fashionable shoes, not travel souvenirs, and wearing them is good for you. The jute fibre it tough, but forgiving, has exceptional insulation, is very breathable, and has good anti-static properties. The rubber sole is fused onto the jute base by means of high-temperature and pressure vulcanization, eliminating the need for adhesives. This, in turn, leads to the sole being flexible and better for walking.


Vidorreta creates fresh and up-to-date variations on the traditional espadrille design, using a range of natural materials: jute fiber for the sole, of course, and suede, leather, canvas, and voile fabric for the upper. Cervera del Rio Alhama and its hinterland are recognized as UNESCO bio-sphere reserve, so the companies like Vidorreta adhere to sustainable industrialization practices that include using solar energy from the panels installed on the roof of the factory.


Here are some of the models that I found on their website. I especially like the patent-leather sandals and pumps.

Vidorreta patentVidorreta pinkVidorreta patent textileVidorreta pumpVidorreta voile


espadrilles vidorreta


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