Pampered Sneakers by miMaO

miMaO” is a funny word, isn’t it? Well, it means “pampered” in Spanish. It should actually be spelled “mimado” with a “d”, but is pronounced “mimao” without the “d”, especially if you are in the Canary Islands or Andalusia, where accents are a lot softer. Anyways, here are some “pampered” sneakers by a Madrid-based company named miMaO.

Softness, of course, is always a good thing when it comes to shoes, so the accent in the name is fully justified. I don’t remember how I came across miMaO, but was immediately interested: SOOO pretty, nice materials, MADE IN SPAIN. Their sneakers line is light and evanescent like a gentle summer breeze. The uppers are made of textile, the soles from natural rubber. With my weakness for all things woven and netted, I especially like the wacky spider-web crocheted breathable uppers in Mediterranean turquoise and azure:

pampered sneakers

pampered sneakers

strawberry smoothie (at least that’s what I would call it):

pampered sneakers


and luscious cream:

pampered sneakers


And what about these über-girly red transparent sneakers with tiny white polka dots?

pampered sneakers



And finally this sexy animal print one (upper: textile and leather, sole: natural rubber, lining: polyurethane).

pampered sneakers


Well, I’m sold. (It’s nice when you can sell to yourself). How much are these beauties?

According to the company’s online shop the crocheted ones are currently at 14 Euros (from 28), the transparent dotted sneaker is about 17 Euros (from 32), the animal print one at 18 Euros (from 35). Plus shipping. They accept PayPal.

Of course, I have a feeling that they only sell within Europe. Maybe even only within Spain. I will find out.

In any case, I couldn’t resist writing about them. Way too pretty to pass up!

Have a beautiful summer,


UPDATE: I recently discovered that the company stopped producing sneakers and started making sandals, pumps, and espadrilles instead. Too bad, those “pampered” sneakers were adorable and original. Writing this update three years later, I still love looking at them. Who knows, maybe the brand will start making them again one of these days. I haven’t seen anything of this kind since.






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