The Three Magic Kings

Happy New Year!

The Three Magic Kings are knocking on the door again, so I’d better get my wish list in!

These platinum-colored Pretty Ballerinas are made out of glittering lace-effect techno-fabric (whatever that is). So gorgeous! Available at a reasonable price from YOOX.COM.
These ballet flats are so attractive in their dark green suede, with a contrasting black rim and studs. The studs go really well with it. The triangular toe box gives it an interesting character. They are by a company called Penelope, which I don’t know well, but hope to get to know in the future. Their prices are moderate. Also available through YOOX.COM.


This is the Boston tight by HYD: a mixed Spanish-Italian company. The design is developed in Barcelona and the production takes place in Italy. So, it is an exception to my usual rule of only featuring Made in Spain brands. I own HYD tights and they are amazing. They are very high quality, very durable, and have an extremely creative design. The Boston model stands out because of the lines shown on the legs when worn. They work together with your skin color and will show it off to advantage, no matter what color you choose: pink, kiwi, or aqua blue. These tights will look great with almost any style of dress or mini-skirt. HYD is hard to come by, though, at least in North America. I got my previous tights (see post here) from an Australian web boutique called Stockings Moda. It’s a great store, with good prices, great customer service, and fast delivery, but it carries only a few HYD models at any given time. I’m still trying to figure out where to get the Boston model. Maybe the Magic Kings will help?


This is a Roscón de Reyes –  the traditional Magic Kings’ Cake, which was enjoyed today, on the eve of the Epiphany (the holiday that marks the end of the Christmas season), at the village of Tajueco, in north-central Spain. Looks very festive and yummy, doesn’t it?

Photo courtesy of Todo lo que hay que saber sobre Tajueco (Soria) – a blog by a locally-based writer and journalist Angel Almazán de Gracia.


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