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A week on the beautiful Caribbean island of Hispaniola (or the part of it known today as the Dominican Republic) put me in my happy place.


The Rincón beach in the Samaná peninsula, Dominican Republic, is ranked as one of the 10 Best Beaches in the world. It’s a 20-min ride from the village of Las Galeras. The trip by power boat is even shorter.


On the way from Las Galeras to Samaná: whole stretches of the shore are formed from sharp volcanic rock that plunges deep down into the ocean.


A whale-watching spot on the way to Santa-Barbara de Samaná.

Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island, called it Quisqueya or “the mountainous land”.


Of course, I did not forget about Spanish shoes.


These sandals by Hispanitas are really pretty, but a bit skimpy, at least for my feet. If I walk too fast in them, as I tend to do no matter how hot it is, the foot expands and the narrow leather strips start chafing the skin, especially on the inner side of the feet, where the skin is very soft.

I also brought my Maians – the “Aurelia” sneakers from last year and my new “Ines” peep-toe plimsolls. Both are made of stiff cotton mesh, which makes them very airy – perfect for the tropics! I must say that I am more and more in love with Maians.


Aurelia” mesh sneaker by Maians.


Ines” mesh peep-toe by Maians.

Since last year, when I got my first pair of Maians, I’ve noticed that the company has made great strides in expanding its international distribution network.  Maians now has a US and Canada website and in Canada they are also sold by the online shoe retailer SHOEme, which offers good prices and free shipping. That’s where I got the “Ines” plimsolls. Maians is also constantly updating its basic models and their color palette is getting more and more exciting. It’s great to follow this Made in Spain success story!

As for the island of Hispaniola, well, as a friend put it, part of my soul lives there. So I’m never really gone.


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