San Fermines 2015

Today is the second day of one of the maddest fun parties in the world – the San Fermines of Pamplona.

san fermines


Yesterday, on the main city square:

The clock on the city hall is showing that only one hour is left before the firing of the chupinazo – a pyrotechnic rocket that marks the official beginning of the festivities.

san fermines

Photo credit:

Signature red handkerchiefs (pañoletas) are held up, as the gathered crowds are waiting for the bang.

san fermines

Photo courtesy Twitter feed of @SFpamplona

Champagne flowing minutes after the chupinazo – everyone is soaked, handkerchiefs and all. The party is on!

san fermines

Photo courtesy Twitter feed of Javier Durán @tortondo

The modern version of the Pamplona espadrille: a San Fermines themed textile sneaker with a rubber sole, created by Callaghan, a high-quality active lifestyle shoe company from the region of La Rioja. Very practical for running away if you are chased by something or someone!

san ferminessan fermines

A street in Pamplona named after Day 2. For a party to be good, it has to be taken seriously!

Photo courtesy of Instagram feed of @miguelmuna

san fermines

Once again, I’m left wishing that I was there. Next year perhaps!


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