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It’s not even the middle of August yet, but the Fall-Winter collections are already replacing the summer inventory, which is being sold off at ever increasing discounts. I could not possibly cover all the sales that are going on at the Spanish (and not only Spanish) shoes and accessories brands right now, HOWEVER….I can’t resist covering the current summer sale that is happening on the Castañer website. As readers of this blog may have noticed, Castañer is one of my all time favorite brands. I’m fortunate enough to own a pair of Castañer shoes and a Castañer bag.

Despite a seemingly limitless number of brands that are following the espadrille trend, the demand for Castañer‘s high-fashion espadrilles (and for many other Spanish-made espadrilles) is not likely to be affected. Castañer‘s long-standing association with world-famous fashion houses, its very distinct design philosophy and strong brand identity, its commitment to quality and a correspondingly high price point put it in a league of its own. In short, Castañer espadrilles have long become iconic objects of desire. And currently, this summer collection is being sold off at 30-50% discounts through the Castañer online store, as well as Net-A-Porter.



A  Castañer classic, the “Albany” model is an open-back peep-toe platform canvas espadrille sandal with an ankle strap. In a typical Castañer aesthetic, the jute layers of the sole transition seamlessly into canvas covered layers that serve as a cushion. The insole is made of leather. Available in red-orange, navy, and ivory.


The “Celher” is a sling-back jute wedge in gold-laminated napa leather. Also available in silver. Only one size left.


The “Ann” flat espadrille has a gorgeous folk-motive woven fabric upper. Many sizes are still available.

The wedge version of this espadrille, called “Carina” is available at Net-A-Porter:




A matching “Teruel” messenger bag.



The “Jean” espadrille – a fun multicolored version of the traditional “seven ribbons” espadrille. Available in size 40 (US 9).



A stylish stripy “CYD” model espadrille, also available in red.


A matching “Formentera” bag (available in red and black).


Madrid” shopping tote is made of washed suede that is woven together to imitate the jute espadrille weave. Leather, the noble material, is imitating the jute, a humble plant in a true celebration of the espadrille.

I absolutely recommend Castañer bags – they are not cheap, but they are excellent in both use and appearance.

CastanerFoulard CastanerFoulardDetail

And for a true shoe addict (like me) cotton scarves embroidered with the most recognizable Castañer espadrilles.

Finally, here are two really cute models that just recently showed up on YOOX, the online leader in fashion designer discounts and this blog’s affiliate partner. The white sandal with the jute heel and very attractive metallic disc embellishments on the ankle strap is available in size 9 and the honey-colored (the description says “camel”) suede wedges are available in size 10 at a really good price. Both can be purchased directly by clicking on the picture.  I hope you enjoyed rummaging through this amazing sale!



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