Great Shoes Come With Great Stories

The Spanishoegallery Blog is three years old! Anniversaries (and this one is a milestone of sorts) make you think. This blog was started as a gut reaction to discovering that most shoes I liked in stores and online were Spanish. Not just “Made in Spain“, but of actual Spanish conception and design. Back then I did not much wonder why, but simply dove into the project, trusting that the answer will come later.


So, what is my take away from three years of blogging? Why Spanish shoes?

Many reasons, but if I had to pick one, it is the people and their stories. To deliver a really exceptional and inspirational product you’ve got to love what you do. I’ve noticed that people who love what they do also like sharing their passion with others. Beware of brands that have little to say for themselves. Great shoes come with great stories. Now, when I research a brand, Spanish or not, the first thing I do is check out the story behind it.  Chances are that if I like the story, I will like the shoes as well.

Here is the story of Lottusse, a luxury leather shoes and accessories maker from Inca, Mallorca, as told by Antonio Fluxá Rosselló (1936-2015), a third generation shoe maker from the influential Fluxá family. The Fluxás also own the hugely successful Camper brand.

Other celebrated Spanish shoe designers and artisans (click on the brand name to find out more):

Sara Navarro, founder of Sarahworld and Sara Navarro brands.

great shoes
Sara Navarro of Sarahworld with TV actress Marta Hazas, winner of the 2015 Woman with the Best Shoes award.

great shoes
Ursula Mascaró, owner of the Menorca-based Mascaró, Ursula Mascaró, and Pretty Ballerinas brand.

great shoes
Antonio Fluxà Rosselló (1936-2015) and son Juan Antonio Fluxà, owners of Lottusse.

Pura Lopez.

Pepe Amat, owner of Magrit.

Chie Mihara.

great shoes
Founders of the Barcelona-based Maians: Nete Ortaez, Chad Weidmer, and Alfonso de la Fuente.

great shoes
Mila & Pedro García, third-generation shoe makers, owners of luxury label Pedro Garcia.

great shoes
A craftsman at AGARE, a Zaragoza-area based brand.

great shoes
José Luis Iturriaga, owner of Gaimo Espadrilles from the La Rioja region.

great shoes
Esmeralda Iturriaga, head designer, Gaimo Espadrilles.

great shoes
Magda Pons-Quintana Palliser and her father, Santiago Pons Quintana, owners of the Pons Quintana brand from Menorca.

great shoes
Tim and Fiona Slack, founders of Audley Shoes.

great shoes
Factory workers of Gilma Calzados, the precursor to Audley Shoes, in Elda. Gilma Calzados was founded in the 1940s.

great shoes
Cristina Castañer, owner of the iconic fashion espadrille brand Castañer.

This is Dino JSJ, a designer based in Cuitadella, MenorcaHis signature collection is called Rock Racer Shoes. Dino (Joan) is a highly-skilled craftsman who, like many members of his family, had worked for a number of shoe brands based in the Balearic Islands before launching his own collection. Shoe making is in Dino’s blood. He is a certified master shoe maker educated in Milan. A frequent visitor of Barcelona and the other Balearic islands, Dino loves living in Menorca. His collection is inspired by his love of vintage motorcycles, rock music, and his native island’s way of life. Dino is one of many talented master shoemakers, genuinely in love with their profession, who make Spain one of the best places on earth to buy shoes.

The featured image of this post is courtesy of Dino.


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