Namesake Castañers

What better way to celebrate Spanishoegallery Blog‘s third birthday than with my new namesake Castañers! The textile collection blew me away  when it came out (see post here). That’s what I call classic Castañer magic: taking ordinary ingredients and making something extraordinary out of them. My namesake “Ann” espadrille is a prime example: the tender pastels of the fabric seem to have come out of an Impressionist painting. The combination of “apple foam” pink and jade green is simply irresistible.

namesake Castañers
Ann” espadrille by Castañer, bought on Farfetch.

They  are completely flat, which was new for me: I usually prefer at least a slight wedge. However, walking in the “Ann” espadrilles is really comfortable. They have a thin rubber sole that does a good cushioning job. Even though flat, the espadrilles shape the foot really nicely. It is not an easy thing when all you have is a piece of textile, a jute sole and a couple of laces. Somehow they manage to keep the signature Castañer elongated shape. The woven upper is soft, but substantial. It is also flexible, as you can see from the picture. The green laces are not decorative – they are really necessary to keep the espadrilles in place. I wouldn’t go running in them on hard ground, but you could do ballet in them if you wanted to:)

namesake Castañers
“Ann” espadrille by Castañer, bought on Farfetch.

What do you think of my namesake Castañers?


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