When White Sneakers Blossom

The newly arrived spring is a great excuse to do a white sneakers “edit”. We are all so addicted to this cool, sporty casual shoe that many here in Canada and the US tried to cheat and started wearing white sneakers in February, during a spell of unusually warm weather. I can understand – generally, sneakers are an easy choice, but white sneakers are even more special: they are a wardrobe staple that combines with lots of things and is part of the fresh look. At last, spring is giving signs that it’s here to stay. Perfect time to talk about white sneakers then – they will surely blossom on our streets before anything else does.


Victoria‘s specialty is sneakers. The brand has been producing them for over 100 years now (I would love to take a look at the original models). Every year Victoria designers come up with a huge selection of cool designs. Browsing through their new collections I feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Let’s start with the simplest version:

white sneakers
Victoria basic white canvas sneaker with natural rubber tip and sole. $25 on the Victoria USA website.

This sneaker truly is what in Europe they refer to as a basic “tennis shoe”. This kind of simplicity is very popular again. You can wear it with or without laces. Without laces, it is probably even cooler. At $25 this sneaker is super affordable. Of course, many more colors are available.

white sneakers
White leather lace-up cycling sneaker by Victoria with perforated logo on the side. 3.5 cm (1.4”) platform.

This white leather sneaker with the V for Victoria perforated onto its sides is quite snazzy looking. The moderate platform will add some height to your appearance. This “cycling” sneaker is available in retail stores across Europe but not North America. This should change at some point. When I started this blog, a lot of the shoes I wrote about were not available in North America, except on YOOX. I love YOOX, my affiliate partner, but it doesn’t carry current collections. So, if I liked something from a new collection,  I had to literally beg the brand in question to sell me the shoes or hope that some European or Australian online retail network (Australians are big fans of Spanish shoes, by the way) with global shipping had that particular model in stock. Since then many Spanish shoe brands have made great strides in breaking into the North American distribution network and setting up new web shops aimed at Canada and the US.  This is a trend that bodes well for us, the consumers.

white sneakers
Sneaker-style lace-up chunky heel shoe by Victoria. $25 at Victoria US website.

What looks like a sneaker, but is not a sneaker? This chunky heel platform shoe is a quirky alternative for those who want the white sneaker look, but also want the height and feel of a shoe. And the price can’t be beat, of course. By the way, shipping is FREE within the US.



white sneakers
GTI” white cotton mixed texture sneaker by Maians SS17. $110 on the Maians North America website. Also available in black.

Maians contribution to our white sneakers line-up is this 80s inspired “GTI” sneaker. It features three different cotton textures – the mesh, the close weave, and the canvas, all in one shoe. This sneaker breathes! It also has a tapered rubber platform with a serrated edge. You’ll be glad to know that the Barcelona-based maker of cult cotton mesh plimsolls for women and men has a well-developed distribution network in North America. New collections make it over the pond in no time and can be purchased from the brand’s web shop, as well as from other online and physical retailers.


Munich X


white sneakers
White leather and sequin sneaker with side logo by Munich X. 134 Euros on the Munich X website.

Moving right into the “fancy” territory, here is the “Osaka” fashion sneaker by the iconic Munich X brand of Barcelona. The silvery-white sequins create an intriguing texture. The rest of the design is done in quality white leather, including the unmistakable X logo on the side. The Munich X web shop delivers worldwide.

white sneakers
White leather and pearly fabric sneaker with metallic and suede leather inserts by Munich X Spring-Summer 2017. 130 Euros on the Munich X website.

This sneaker from the “Apolo” line is not strictly white – it combines a variety of textures and materials in silver, taupe, and pale gold tones. Together they make up one harmonious whole. All sneakers from the “Apolo” line feature moderate platforms that taper towards the front. Equipped with a two-directional serrated anti-slip sole, this pretty sneaker can perform on any surface. This is signature Munich X – high performance and beauty.

Pedro García

white sneakers
Parson“, a white leather and silk sneaker with suede lining by Pedro García. $489 on FarFetch (import duties included, to purchase click on the image).
white sneakers
White leather sneaker with silk finishing by Pedro García. $489 on FarFetch. To purchase click on the image.

Pedro García is a luxury brand with a noticeable commercial presence in the US. Their posh “Parson” sneaker is made of white leather finished in silk and lined with suede. Stylistically, the frayed silk edges add a charming sense of imperfection. In addition, the color has a very slight hint of creamy to it. The wide laces and the rubber sole remind us that it is a sporty shoe after all. FarFetch, another affiliate partner of the Spanishoegallery Blog, also carries this silky sneaker in pink and black.

Pretty Loafers (Pretty Ballerinas)


white sneakers
Charlize” white leather sneaker by Pretty Loafers, a division of Pretty Ballerinas. $249 on Pretty Ballerinas US.
white sneakers
White sneakers from Pretty Loafers (a division of Pretty Ballerinas). All leather, $249 on the Pretty Ballerinas US website.

I like the shape of these sneakers. Made by the well-known Pretty Ballerinas brand (it says “Pretty Loafers” on the side, but Pretty Loafers is just another offshoot of the main line), the “Charlize” white sneakers look less like sportswear and more like regular shoes, especially from the top. The style is somewhere between classic and sporty. Even though they are considerably less expensive than the Pedro GarcíaParson” sneakers, the “Charlize” sneakers still fall under the luxury category.



white sneakers
Espadrille sneaker by Vidorreta. App. $123.82 on Scarpa Rossa website (worldwide shipping).
white sneakers
White leather sneaker with faint gold metallic leather detailing by Vidorreta. Espadrille-type base with a rubber sole. App. $124 on Scarpa Rossa. Keep in mind that Vidorreta designs tend to be on the narrow side.

I couldn’t do a white sneakers edit without including one of those delightful sneaker-espadrille hybrids that many Spanish espadrille brands do oh so well. The white perforated leather sneaker by Vidorreta looks milky white against the warm toned rope base, which is picked up by the light along with the pale gold metallic leather detailing. The result is a very inviting sneaker, equal parts sporty personality and rustic charm.

So here you go – what did you think of this lineup? Which white sneakers did you like best? My favorite ones are the Victoria chunky heel sneaker-style platform shoe, the silky Pedro García, and the Vidorreta espadrille-sneaker hybrid. Tell us about your favorites below in the comment section. Happy beginning of the spring!



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