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Whether you are an authentic rock chick or not, rock chick style is very alluring. Usually, it is associated with the young and the rebellious, but, if you can successfully pull it off at a more, ahem, mature age, without being Courtney Love, all the power to you! Rock chick style is edgy, it’s cool, and it can run the gamut from feminine to fierce, with many, many different variations in between. If you are eager to try it out or looking to change up your current version, here is one of these variations.

I am a fan of contrasts, so I wanted to see the rough and tumble rock aesthetic clash with something very soft and romantic. I had a very specific look in mind and I found it on the Pink Wish fashion blog from Romania:

rock chick style
Images courtesy Pink Wish blog.

I absolutely love what this girl created. Her tulle “tutu” skirt is just the right volume and hue. Skirts like that are amazingly fun to wear: the fullness gives them just enough weight, but the look is never heavy, because tulle is so transparent. The biker jacket grounds the look and takes away the sugar-sweet princess element. Add to it a simple white t-shirt (with her blog’s name on it) and voilà – she’s put together a gorgeous outfit in the perfect romantic rock chick style. (It doesn’t hurt that pink goes very well with the model’s hair color and complexion).

What about shoes, though? I recently came across some really nice ones that would give this outfit an additional kick, provided the skirt is shorter (so that the shoes can be seen) and less full (otherwise it would end up looking like a balloon). The sandal and the boots that I picked out look like they were made for a rock chick. They are all by Zinda, a Spanish shoe brand that has been on my radar for a while.

The Studded Sandal


rock chick
Studded leather three-strap slingback sandal by Zinda of Spain. 3.12” wooden heel. $79 at YOOX. For sizes and other info, click on the image.

Meet my most recent crush – a studded black leather slingback sandal by Zinda, currently on sale at YOOX. It has a very intriguing design that features gathered soft leather, beautiful rounded studs, and a wooden heel. This sandal has “rock chick” written all over it, yet it is also very soft and inviting, thanks to the supple leather texture and three-tiered construction. It is is a sort of play on the rock chick style, without firmly committing to it, which makes it much more versatile, of course.

The Chelsea Boot


rock chick
Reptile leather effect Chelsea-style boots with retro flame silhouette cutouts. Boot length 4.3”, heel height 2.7”. $154 on YOOX.

For someone who can only imagine a rock chick with boots, here is a pair of Chelseas that have the tell-tale snakeskin print leather, the glossy part of which is cut out in an iconic retro flame silhouette pattern. Not to mention that the Chelsea-boot style itself has long been associated with Rock’n Roll fashion.

The Combat Boot

rock chick
Textured leather combat boots by Zinda of Spain. Boot length 6.2”, boot width 10.1”, heel height 1.2”. $184 on YOOX.

Combat boots are a no-brainer choice for both the rock chick style (or grunge style, for that matter). This pair by Zinda is made of textured reptile effect leather. Since the leather texture is so fine, it looks shimmery rather than scaly. Overall, a great pair of combat boots that are not too coarse to combine with a romantic rock chick outfit.

So this is my inspiration of the moment. I find the combination of a nicely fitting biker jacket and a tutu-type skirt irresistible. Frankly, I was surprised to find shoes that hit the nerve so well. I will be writing more about Zinda (which means “life” or “being alive” in Hindu, apparently) in the near future, that’s for sure. I’ve known about this brand for a while, but now my interest is really piqued.

Full disclaimer: if you click on the Zinda sandal and boots in this post, you will be taken to the YOOX product page. YOOX is my affiliate partner, meaning that if, as a result of your click, a sale happens, I will get a 3% commission. I’m really proud to be affiliated with YOOX and am a regular shopper there. I consider it one of the best, if not the best, online fashion retailers out there. All products featured (including the ones on the sidebar) are chosen and curated by me.

With special thanks to the Pink Wish fashion blog for the gorgeous styling pics above,




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