Musketeer Boot by C-Doux

Musketeer boot is the king of all tall boots. Tall boots or over-the-knee boots never go out of style. They are an amazing fashion invention. Their practical use is limited to riding and, in case of the Wellington boot, to fishing, but, all in all, the appeal of the over-the-knee or “musketeer” boot goes well beyond any practical considerations. Riding has always been a thing for the military and the elites (which were often the same thing). Proud equestrians were often painted and photographed in riding gear for the world to see. The world did see and the world found the boots irresistible, downright sexy. The higher the boot, the more tantalizing the look. The term “musketeer” boot is especially popular because of The Three Musketeers, a famous adventure novel that got made into a movie not once, not twice, but I don’t know how many times.

The Musketeer Boot of the Year

Spanish shoe brands that I follow make the musketeer boot often enough, just like their competitors elsewhere. Every year, as I browse through their winter collections, I single out the models that I like best. My last year’s favorites were by Paco Herrero. This year it’s an over-the-knee  or “musketeer” boot by C-Doux, a Menorcan label that I really like for its refined and seductive design style. Great quality goes without saying when we are talking about shoes or boots made on the island of Menorca or in mainland Spain.

musketeer boot
The “Violamusketeer boot by C-Doux of Menorca. 325,00 € on the C-Doux website.
musketeer boot
Blue suede musketeer boot with internal zipper by C-Doux. Heel height: 1.6”.

I’ll tell you what I love about this boot – everything. To me it ticks all the boxes: beautiful profile, seductive material and gorgeous color (blue suede is absolutely irresistible to me), good height (I don’t like it when the boots go too far up – I find that a bit vulgar), rounded toe, and moderate heel. What is also great about this musketeer boot is that is glamorous without being glitzy (a signature trait of C-Doux). It’s a fashion statement if there ever was one. This boot belongs to the category of footwear that requires wardrobe to go with it, not vice versa. The “Viola” will outshine anything you wear. And the low heel is no obstacle: this musketeer boot is as elegant as any high-heel boot. Who would not want the elegance without the effort of wearing of high-heels?

So, here you have it: the Spanishoegallery Blog‘s musketeer boot of the year. The C-Doux webshop delivers worldwide, so here is something special you can get for yourself this Christmas.





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