Menorca, the Luxury Shoes Island

Menorca is a shoe-making island on par with Mallorca. Menorca is known for its luxury shoe brands. It is also the birth-place of the avarca sandal.


The RIA label from Ferreries is known for the original designs of their colorful avarques.

Avarques RIA.

Ferreries is also home to the high-fashion Jaime Mascaró and Úrsula Mascaró labels.Their graceful designs have walked many a red carpet. The Mascaró family of brands includes the Pretty Ballerinas label, favored by the global jet-set and entertainment personalities.  Nearby, in Alaior, Menorca, the Pons Quintana brand presents collections of shoes in gorgeous colors, renowned for their beauty, quality, and a unique leather-braiding technique. Homers, a maker of unique designer quality shoes under the Homers and Argila brands, is based in Cuitadella, the island’s capital. Dressy women’s shoe brands C-Doux and Salord Jover (owned by the same family enterprise) are also based in Cuitadella de Menorca.

Menorcan shoemakers have long been known for their high level artisan skills in making luxury shoes. Many of them ended up moving and settling in Elda, a shoe making hub, home to most Spanish luxury shoe brands.

Photo courtesy Museo del Calzado.







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