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Fashion works according to seasons. People in the fashion industry are always thinking ahead. Fall-Winter 2014-15 collections are currently in production and are going to start hitting the stores in August at the latest. Spring-Summer 2014 campaign is reaching its peak. What about the left-over inventory from previous seasons? Is it all but gone? Of course, not. On the contrary, the choicest items of the Fall-Winter collections are now being released at huge discounts. The companies hold on to them as long as they can, hoping for last-minute miracles (and by this I mean selling them at a premium price). By the time the new season is in full swing, even the best brands are still sitting on a lot of great stuff. And that’s when they decide to part with it. And so the opportunities for the fashion-conscious bargain-hunters are aplenty.

As I often mention in this blog, my favorite online fashion retailer is Yoox, dubbed by the industry watchers as Amazon of fashion. This blog is very happy to be affiliated with Yoox, which carries by far the biggest selection of Spanish brands in all of North America. It also offers free returns (a small restocking fee is applied), fast and affordable shipping with UPS, and all the custom charges are included in the price, so you won’t have to pay anything extra on delivery.

Today Spanishoegallery is launching a new “shoppable” gallery line-up with a selection of very attractive hand-picked choices from some of the best Spanish shoe and accessories designers at great prices. Among them are our all-time favorites like Castañer and Pons Quintana  and other great brands, including two I have not yet featured on this blog: Elche based Cuplé and Madrid‘s veteran luxury leather brand Loewe.

Of course, sizing is limited, since these are the last sweet fruits of the past season. In the gallery, put the cursor on the shoe to find out the price and the sizes available, then click to be redirected to the Yoox page.

Welcome to the new gallery!


Luxury black satin wedge sandal by Castañer is available in size 7.





Gorgeous pump by Mikaela, in garnet, size 7.  The price will blow you away!



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