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I love jewelry! (Who doesn’t?) Well, it actually took me some time to learn how to wear it. It is also important that the jewelry goes with your personality. For my taste it should be both bold and mysterious. Here is something I’ve discovered thanks to Instagram:

Xavier del Cerro from Barcelona another great Spanish jewelry house (the previous one was Vicente Gracia from Valencia, see post here).

Xavier del Cerro is the labour of love of four generation of jewelers. The current generation is represented by the father and daughter team of Xavier and Andrea. Their work is distinctly Catalonian, in the sense that it borrows much of its aesthetic from Italy and France, while the expertise of working with metal and gemstones is firmly rooted in the Iberian artistic tradition. This tradition itself has always been a blend of influences from different cultures: Muslim, Byzantine, Norman, Celtic, Jewish, Gipsy, even south-east Asian. These influences shaped the Spanish artistic taste, which is unlike anything else in Europe.

Xavier del Cerro collections are made of gold, silver, leather, precious and semi-precious stones. Each collection has a theme: some are inspired by iconic artists like Edith Piaf or Frida Kahlo or by illustrious art world personalities like Peggy Gugghenheim, some by characters of medieval legends and folk stories. The prices are in the hundreds of Euros, which is no surprise, as each piece is a work of art, meticulously crafted from precious materials. The pieces are carried by several jewelry stores in Barcelona and Catalonia, as well as by the online jewelry retailer Maestre. An online shop is in the works.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

XdCCarolina XdCCarolina1

Earrings and ring “Carolina”, named after Carolina Otero, a legendary Spanish dancer and actress, star of the Parisian Folies Bergère.




Pendant earrings from the “Jane” line (dedicated to Jane Birkin)




“Camille” ring (dedicated to Camille Claudel)


XdCcarmesina “Carmesina” pendant

XdCcarmesina1“Carmesina” earrings

XdCcarmesina2“Carmesina” ring

XdCj XdCj2 XdCj1





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