Menorcan Shoe Brand Homers (and Argila)

Recently I made another shoelicious discovery: a Menorcan shoe brand named Homers. Shoes are shoes are shoes, one can say, but the Menorcans’ passion for shoe craft (Pons Quintana and Mascaró/Pretty Ballerinas are also from Menorca) is as astonishing as it is rare.

Like Pons Quintana and Mascaró, Homers is also a family-owned company, in business for over forty years. It also started out making slippers, graduating to making stylish urban footwear with an unmistakable flair for natural beauty so characteristic for the Balearic islands.

menorcan shoe brand

The company produces three lines: Homers, Argila, and Homers at Home.

The “Homers” line features classic lady sandals, wedges, moccasins and ankle boots in colors ranging from pastels to vivid hues and metallics .  The collection also includes textured leather totes and hobo bags.

menorcan shoe brand
From the Homers Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

The sandals from the “Argila” collection are a bold mix of retro and modern styles. The “Argila” line is where the brand experiments with unconventional ideas, leaving free rein to a select group of local designers.

menorcan shoe brand
From the Argila line by Homers, Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

Tan and black sandals from the Homers line. All shoes are made from high-quality leather, whether smooth, textured, or patent, with a very attractive color scheme, so typical for Menorcan shoe-makers.

Besides all these great qualities, there is something else about Homers that is especially pleasing to my heart and my feet: the shape of the shoes. I have rarely seen the assiduous (and typically Menorcan) preoccupation with comfort result in such harmonious, flowing, attractive, and classy lines. Homers shoes are stable without being clunky. No matter what shape your feet are, they are going to look and feel great in Homers – a real shoe-making feat!

Homers shoes are not cheap, the average price hovering around 300 Euros (before any discounts or sales). They are sold in high-end boutiques throughout Spain and continental Europe, especially Germany, in Ukraine, and Japan, as well as online: at the company’s online shop (free shipping in Europe) and at Zalando Germany.

I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more of these on the Spanishoegallery Blog.

More from the “Homers” line:

menorcan shoe brandmenorcan shoe brandmenorcan shoe brandmenorcan shoe brand

From the “Argila” line:

menorcan shoe brandmenorcan shoe brandmenorcan shoe brand


“Homers at Home” is a collection of elegant slippers for wearing at home, once the company’s staple. Here are some of these slippers:


menorcan shoe brand menorcan shoe brand

So here you go, another excellent Menorcan shoe brand to start craving to have in your shoe closet.





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    1. Hi, thank you for your comment and sorry for the late response – something malfunctioned and I did not get a notification of your comment. Homers and Argila are sometimes available on YOOX, a designer discount retailer, and also from the Homers website. I believe that they now deliver to North America too:)
      Cheers, Ann

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