!Viva San Fermín!

Sanfermines is on in Pamplona!

This is the July 7, 2014 #ootd (Outfit Of The Day) from the Instagram feed of the Pamplona-based stylist and fashion blogger Ane Hernando:



The 2014 edition of Sanfermines – this giant mother-of-all-parties – arrived on Sunday, July 6th, with a firing of a pyrotechnic rocket from the balcony of the Casa Consistorial or the Pamplona City Hall. The party crowds, dressed in white and holding up the traditional blood-red handkerchiefs, were only waiting for the shot to be fired to tie on their scarves and officially start the festivities  (unofficially, the party had been going on for over an hour already).



SFerminChupinazo1 SFerminChupinazo2

Photos: www.losandes.com.ar, news.sanfermin.com

In the evening, the statue of the Pamplona’s patron saint, the 3d century Roman bishop Saint Fermin, was carried through the streets of the city, accompanied by Pamplona residents, tourists, and dignitaries. Other statues, known as “gigantes”  (“the giants”) followed suit.

SFermin SFermin1


Later, Basque musicians and dancers performed across the city, wearing traditional Basque berets (boinas), Saint Fermin scarves, and espadrilles.

SFerminChica SFerminChicas SFerminZapato

Photos: http://news.sanfermin.com


A family in Pamplona espadrilles:



Classic “Pamplona” espadrilles on sale at www.espadrillestore.com (see post about this store here)



The beautiful red and white aesthetic, plus the sheer energy radiating from the Sanfermines, are irresistible to artists and designers.

Spanish shoe companies, no matter where in Spain they are based, often offer their own visions of what to wear at the festival. Here is a Sanfermines themed set with red ballet slippers by Mikaela. You can see other Sanfermines sets by Mikaela here.




This contribution is by Paco Gil. Hardly practical for the running around and being splashed with water and wine type of fun that is the Sanfermines, but a nice thought:


Oh yes, and they also run with the bulls there.

Party on, Pamplona!










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