Spring-Summer 2015 Fashion Week Madness II

In a follow up to the post on the Madrid Fashion Week, here is a sampling of Spanish designers that hit the runways of the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. There will be some familiar names, but the collections are not quite the same. I always find it interesting how the collections change according to the public they are showing for. Some time ago I had a frustrating time trying to locate some amazing Wrangler shirts (nothing beats Wrangler, in my opinion, when it comes to Western-style shirts), but the ones I was looking at were from the Wrangler Latin American collection and I blew away some Argentinian retailers begging them to sell me some shirts they had in stock. No way, Jose! The Wrangler North America and Wrangler Europe collections, on the other hand, were not my thing at all. This is the reality of consumer-oriented market research.

Anywho, here are some Made in Spain goodies from New York and Paris!


DelPozo is becoming a fashion legend as we speak. Its strange, mesmerizing beauty is enhanced by the very Spanish plateresque-like virtuoso craftsmanship. The SS15 collection, as shown in New York on September 10, 2014:

DelPozoSS15 DelPozoSS15aDelPozoSS15bDelPozodetail DelPozodetail1 DelPozodetail2 DelPozodetail3 DelPozodetail6




Here is Desigual in New York on September 4th, 2014.



Their New York show was headlined by yet another supermodel: Adriana Lima.

Desigual Desigual1 Desigual2 Desigual3 Desigual4

Note the difference with the Madrid Show. The colors are a lot more saturated and the patterns more dense. More conservative, maybe? At least that’s how I’ve heard some Spanish designers describe the North American taste in fashion.



Many pieces from the Pedro del Hierro very classic, very sleek SS15 collection, as shown in New York on September 9, 2014 were complemented by a beautiful metallic buckle detail, repeated in the elegant strappy sandals.

Pedro_del_Hierro2 Pedro_del_Hierro9Pedro_del_Hierro8




Custo Barcelona SS15 on September 7, 2014 at the New York Fashion Week: cool translucent looks with boldly mixed patterns and matching accessories.




The luxury brand Loewe showed its uberchic sumptuous SS15 leather work on September 26, 2014, in Paris, where else? They can make leather anything, in all colors and patterns, and it all looks amazing, if almost a bit excessive in these austere times of ours.

Loewe2 Loewe13 Loewe17 Loewe25 Loewe26 Loewe28

So here you go! What did you think?




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