Golden Glow in the middle of the Arctic

We’ve been hit with a bitter cold here in Eastern Canada. Yesterday it felt like -20C. A 10 minute walk in my wool coat felt like an eternity. I wanted to howl, that’s how cold it was. Apparently it’s about to get warmer again. But for now this cold made me want to buy a huge Canadian parka and a balaclava. There is snow on the ground, but not too much of it, so there is nothing to soften the impact of the freezing temperatures. And the wind is blowing mercilessly.

A view from my front door this morning:


To distract myself, I started thinking of warm glowing things. Speaking of glow, on the Toronto subway last week I spotted a guy wearing these sneakers (by Giuseppe Zanotti), which I thought were a bit much. Their golden straps almost blinded me for a second.

Giuseppe Zanotti sneaker


The longing for a more tasteful glow made my thoughts turn to my favorite gold-colored shoes from Spanish designers‘ past collections.

For example, here are these gold T-strap pumps by eMe Shoes. This was from their SS14 collection. I had seen them last Spring and really liked them.
Unfortunately, they are not available in North America. Very elegant and I love the mirrored effect.


Or, here are these pretty pale gold espadrille sneakers by Agilis, Barcelona.


Here is a “shoe selfie” that Bárbara de Cárdenas, from the Spanish blog Los Zapatos de Bárbara , graciously sent me:


Also, Barbara and I coincided recently in singling out these textured leather bronze/gold ankle boots by Hoss Intropia. They are actually available on YOOX.COM right now! You can buy them by clicking on the image.

Then there are these amazing gold sandals by Paloma Barcelo’ SS14 collection. It was a glorious collection (I featured it here and here), but only some models showed up on YOOX.COM, and only just recently. I would have totally bought them, being a hopeless Paloma Barcelo’ junkie, but it’s not my size. You may be the lucky girl!


Finally, here is pic of Christina Hendricks wearing beautiful damask-print gold pumps by Bionda Castana at the CNN 2014 Heroes Awards. The clutch is also gorgeous!


Photo source:

Keep warm and you are golden:)


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