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The similarities between Paco Herrero and Paco Gil brands do not end with the name.  As I’ve said in the previous post, the companies share their general approach to women’s shoes, which is unapologetic about exploring the femininity of heels, heels, and more heels. Both firms are a family business and both are based in Spain’s main shoe industry hub: Elda. The price range  (middling, not cheap, but not expensive for designer shoes) is similar too. That said, there are subtle differences. For starters, Paco Herrero as a brand has been around longer. While the spirit of the design is similar, there is a significant difference in details.

If the Paco Gil moc-style pump was bold and chunky, this blend of the moccasin with the high heel aesthetic by Paco Herrero is a more refined specimen. It has very elegant curves, due to the pointy toe and the 3.3” “spool heel” – a heel that is wide at the top and bottom and narrower in the middle, so resembling a cotton reel. (Thank you, Wikipedia!) The signature fringed flap on the front is also in good proportion to the rest of the shoe. A perfect balance, in short. The pump is all suede in a delicious, very natural looking reddish brown. It is currently on sale through YOOX.COM and many sizes are available. For details, click on the image.

Animal print is very hot these days and there are scarcely any shoe companies that do not have their own version of “the call of the wild”. I would not be surprised if they made construction boots with animal or camouflage patterns. But, as always, the devil is in the details.

This pointy-toe leopard print pump is made from varnished leather, so it has a wonderful gloss to it. The nude leather interior looks really nice too. The heel is stiletto in its shape (very fine), but not in its height: at 2.4” it’s relatively low. The toe line is narrow, but not too narrow. Once again, it seems like proportionality is Paco Herrero‘s strong suit.


The same pump, only in peep-toe format, featuring a hidden platform (o.8”) and a taller stiletto heel (3.1”). Both pumps are available through YOOX.COM in a number of sizes at a very attractive price. Plus, there are holiday promotions going on at YOOX right now!

This round-toe platform pump (yay for those toes!) in steel grey has an eye-catching laminated leather texture. The stiletto heel is 3.7”, the visible platform offsetting it by approximately an inch. Available through YOOX.COM in a number of sizes.



This burgundy ankle boot is very pretty with its contrasting black toe cap and a slender heel. From the Paco Herrero website.


A kitten heel metallic pump, also from the Paco Herrero website. The website has an online shop and if I’m not mistaken, it delivers internationally.



This photo is from the Paco Herrero blog, showing how well a pair of snazzy patent leather animal print booties by Paco Herrero go with a biker jacket. I’m inclined to agree. The skirt and the clutch help too. What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed Paco Herrero!




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