Fall-Winter 15-16: Gioseppo and Juan Vidal

I love featuring collaborations between Spanish brands. It’s just the way things should work  – when brands help each other out, everybody wins. Creativity feeds creativity, craftsmanship reinforces craftsmanship.

Gioseppo, a brand from Elche, collaborated with the Spanish designer Juan Vidal‘s fashion show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid this past week, where the designer presented his Fall-Winter 2015-16 collection.

JVidalPasarela JVidalGioseppo

For Juan Vidal’s silky flower-patterned ensembles Gioseppo came up with matching satin lace-up high-tops.

JVidalPasarela4 JVidalPasarelaRed JVidalGioseppo3

Juan Vidal‘s fuzzy salmon-pink overcoat and coral-red transparent ruffle dress were complemented by deep-salmon colored satin lace-ups and knee-highs gathered at the base.

JVidalPasarela5 JVidalPasarela3

The classic pearl-beige combination and the glossy striped black dress each had their own satin high tops too.

What did you think? To my taste, the high-tops looked really spiffy in their satin sheen. Together with the loosely gathered socks they accentuated the spirit of the casual chic that I think the designer was trying to convey to his audience. Successful collaboration accomplished!

Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal


Photos: www.vogue.es


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