My Green Leather Castañer Bag

I simply love my green leather bag by Castañer. It is no secret that I have a real soft spot for the Catalonia-based brand. I like its signature bold shapes (they remind me of Picasso), the quality of the leather and other materials, as well as the down-to-earth Mediterranean aesthetic,  the fresh colors and the chic prints. Last summer I bought myself a Castañer bag in hunter green. I’ve always liked green leather, it’s a classic. Castañer bags are not cheap, but I got a really good deal on YOOX.COM, as usual. The leather is fantastic – sturdy, yet pliable, with a light sheen. It has made quite an impression on campus, but what’s more important it is a real work horse. On any given day it may contain five or six library books, a thermos, binders, apples, clothes – it can get very heavy. It is holding wonderfully. The handles are not long enough to make it a shoulder bag, which is good, actually, because it would be too heavy for the shoulder, but it distributes the weight so well that I have no problem carrying it on my forearm.

Here is the bag with me at the best coffee and lunch place on the University of Toronto St. George campus – L’Espresso Bar Mercurio.

green leather bag CastanerBag1


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