Shoe of the Week: Pura López

This high-heel open platform sandal by Pura López is super-glamorous, with its golden-black leopard-print body and luscious black suede of the heel, back, and buckled ankle strap. The conical heel is 13 cm (5.1”) and the open platform, which matches the leopard-print of the upper, is 4 cm (1.6”). So it’s high, but well-balanced and stable. The special thing about this sandal is that the upper and the platform are made out of raffia, a natural plant material. The black and gold raffia texture is so mesmerizing to the eye that it makes the leopard pattern look like a luxurious embroidery. The whole look is softened by the pink nude leather sole. A real stunner!

This sandal is available at YOOX.COM in size 9.5 (the fit is small, so it’s probably safe to buy for someone with an 8.5 size foot). Click on the picture to see more. This type of  Pura López sandal is a real rarity on YOOX.


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