Faint gold, bright gold

Sneakers are so famously casual, that the metallic trend, and especially gold, is not always a safe bet for this sporty shoe.

Well, I found three different golden sneakers, by three different Spanish brands, that seem to have hit the mark.

The high -platform “Massana Sky Gold” sneaker above is recognizably Munich X from the SS15 collection. The brand’s signature X symbol, blended into the finely perforated upper, is still well visible. Munich X fashion sneakers are very glamorous and this “Massana” sneaker is no exception. Gold and glamour work very well together, but it has to be tasteful.

These sneakers are taste and quality down to every detail. One detail I love is that the snow-white laces are mixed up with cream colored ones.



This slip-on pale gold colored sneaker is by Victoria. It is also resting on a pretty tall platform (for a sneaker). It seems to be a trend.  The braided leather texture makes the sneaker look more interesting and also diffuses the golden glow a bit. With two elastic inserts in the front it looks very comfy.


This slip-on leather sneaker is by Callaghan. It is sturdily built, in good Callaghan style, and has a thick, rugged sole (not a platform). The little V shaped slit in the front adds visual interest. The gold shines bright, but it works, probably because of the quality of the leather.

So here you go – I hope that our three-part sneaker line-up was sufficiently versatile. Let the spring begin in earnest! (We’ve been having another cold spell in the last few days).


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