Shoe of the Week: Chie Mihara Wedding

I know, I know. Again with the Chie Mihara. But what I am to do? Chie‘s creations just blow my mind, even if they are often not my style. This week I’m presenting two versions of the same shoe from the Chie Mihara wedding collection, currently available to buy from the Chie Mihara official website. I’m not addicted to weddings and I’m not about to get married, but when I saw these….

CMporcelain2 CMporcelain1 CMporcelain CMporcelainpump

How does she do it?!!!! These shoes are made of leather, but they look like they are either made of porcelain or butter cream icing. I’m speechless.

Wearing them must be pure heaven. Note the little tubular heel. Who needs a dress with shoes like these?


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