Shoe of the Week: Pons Quintana

iconSo happy to see this slingback pump, skillfully woven from strands of leather using a proprietary technique at the Pons Quintana workshops in Alaior, Menorca, available at YOOX. Pons Quintana‘s woven creations, which are so delicate and yet so securely built, sell out very fast and more often than not there is not stock left over to give to YOOX for sale in North America. In a few stores here in Toronto that do carry Pons Quintana they are also a rare sight.

This super elegant little pump has an 8 cm (3.1”) slightly curved heel and is available only in black. It is best suited for a narrow foot. To purchase, click on the pictures.

To see how these woven shoes are made, watch this short video hosted by Vimeo (I recommend turning the volume to very low, as the music is rather loud and doesn’t help the visual).

Frabricación de trenzado from ponsquintana on Vimeo.


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