The Jeweled Sandals Parade

Jeweled sandals are going from strength to strength every year. Always popular with girly girls, they are now becoming bolder, more artistic, more daring, and range from high-end to bohemian casual. The costume jewelry is getting more elaborate. Swarovski crystals are as big with shoemakers now as they are with hat makers. Add the parallel metallic trend, there is scarcely a company that does not get on that jeweled sandals bandwagon.

I’ve always liked “bejeweled” sandals. If well fitted and tastefully made, they make your feet look like something out of the “Thousand and One Night”. Exotic and sexy.

I have made a selection of Made in Spain sandals that made the most impression on me, but there are so many more out there.

jeweled sandals

This is the “Bella” sandal by Lola Cruz.

Lola Cruz positions itself as the “Jewel” shoes company. “Bella”‘s simple construction in golden metallic leather is striking with a flower formed of transparent and opaque rhinestones right in the center of the T-strap. Available at the Lola Cruz e-shop and in stores (for Lola Cruz shop locations in Madrid see here).

jeweled sandals

Also by Lola Cruz, The delicate “Melina” model with a web of narrow straps, encrusted with faint pink crystals.

jeweled sandals

A glamorous high-heel open “Margaret” sandal with a signature glittering T-shaped upper by Lola Cruz.

jeweled sandals

This “Katy” model by Lola Cruz in black leather upper is pulled together by this beautiful crystal and rhinestones composition. Very classy!


jeweled sandals

The bohemian Alma En Pena shoes and accessories firm specializes in heavily embellished bohemian/ethnic chic sandals. Most of the time the result is amazing.

jeweled sandals

The inspiration comes from all over the world and the production also takes place in places like India and Africa, on an artisanal scale, for the benefit of both the company and the local women who train how to make these sandals. This also makes the sandals quite affordable. They are sold through the Alma En Pena e-shop and also at Adela Gil, online and at the Las Rozas Designer Outlet Village on the outskirts of Madrid.

jeweled sandalsjeweled sandalsjeweled sandalsjeweled sandals


Below is my personal favorite: an (almost) flat bejeweled sandal by Menbur. Menbur usually specializes in sky-high stiletto party pumps, but their long experience in producing beautifully embellished shoes obviously translates into other shoe styles too.

I got goosebumps when I saw it:

jeweled sandals

Other companies make similar designs, but there is something so very complete about this sandal, both in form and detail. A total dream.

Continuing on with Menbur: like the boldness of the big diamond-like teardrop-shaped rhinestone arrangement on the front and the “crushed diamond” side bands that are holding the whole thing together, but think that the sandal could have used some support in the back.

jeweled sandals

This sandal is great, with the cluster of pink stones mounted on transparent plastic (they also come in yellow):

jeweled sandals

These sandals are available at the Menbur online shop, which delivers worldwide. They now have a Canada website as well.  Menbur also has a store at 61 Serrano street in Madrid‘s posh Salamanca district.


These pretty T-strap flats are by Gioseppo. Very attractive in their pastel leather straps and matching white and milky pink crystals. Available from the Gioseppo website (delivery within Europe only).

jeweled sandals

Ethnic-style bead work sandals with a small wedge, by Gioseppo.

jeweled sandals


So, so pretty: for the Y-straps they are using pearl strings interspersed with golden metallic detail. These are designed to be worn at or very close to the beach. Also by Gioseppo.

jeweled sandals


These butterfly embellished sandals are specifically designed for the beach.

jeweled sandals

All of the sandals are available at the Gioseppo online store, which delivers within Europe. There is also a Gioseppo store in Madrid, Salamanca district, 38 Claudio Coello street (more information on what other Made in Spain labels are sold on that street is here).


Finally, the luxury shoe maker Magrit has its own excellent line of jeweled sandals. Their price point is much higher, of course, than of all the other sandals in this post (including Lola Cruz) and they only rarely sell through YOOX.COM, while these other companies do. Magrit usually sells through its own online store or you can go to their Magrit Couture studio at 1º 8, Principe de Vergara, 56 in Madrid‘s high-end district of Salamanca. Magrit shoes are also sold by luxury shoe retailers in the area (see posts here, here, here, and here).

Rebeca” and “Denali” jeweled sandals by Magrit.

jeweled sandalsjeweled sandals

I’m totally smitten with the “Rebeca” model. These sandals are fit for a princess.

Besides being truly gorgeous and of excellent quality, Magrit shoes are also somewhat of a status symbol.

So here you go. Which ones did you like best?




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