Shoe of the Week: By Antía

  1. This week’s Shoe of the Week is the “Mimosa” pump made by a young Valencian brand By Antía, established in 2014 by designer Antía López Figueiras. The appearance of a number of new and exciting brands such as By Antía is an obvious sign that the Spanish shoe industry is not standing still. Having weathered European economic troubles of the past seven years, it is actively adding new players to the “Made In Spain” family.  By Antía has a two-prong business model: it offers a custom experience, where the consumer can choose from a variety of options to create a shoe that is unique, and a small ready-made line (the Wappi Ballerinas brand, previously featured on this blog, works the same way).
Brogue-detailed reptile-print “Mimosa” goat leather pump from the ready-made line of By Antía, Valencia, Spain.
Shoe by antia
The wine-colored “Mimosa” pump features slightly scalloped sides and a 5.5 cm (2.2”) spool heel.
The spool heel, with its wide base, provides good stability. It is moderate in height, with a slight elegant curve.
Mimosa” pump by By Antía: detail.

There are many things that I love about this shoe: the softness of lines, the sumptuous leather upper and quality leather lining, the color, the happy combination of the punctured brogue-style embellishment and reptile-print effect, the elegant and supportive heel.

It is available from the By Antía online shop, which ships worldwide. The price of 135 Euros is not steep for a quality leather shoe.

I would love to add this pump to my shoe closet. What about you?



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