Seville April Fair

Seville April Fair just came to a close, heralding the official arrival of the short, but beautiful Andalusian spring. The Fair also left a great number of happy Instagramers in its wake.

Ready to have fun at the Seville April Fair! Image courtesy of @lauraldoare, Instagram.
The same place at night. Image courtesy of @marcello_lolli, Instagram.

As you can see, the Fair of Seville is a big dress up party, as the city celebrates its living flamenco and gypsy heritage. It helps if you know how to dance the famous “Sevillanas” dance.  Or you can just hang out and drink copious amount of wine in one of the many beautifully decorated tents (“casetas“). Most of them are by invitation only, but there are also public “casetas“.

One of the greatest things for me is to observe the gorgeous outfits and accessories that you see the ladies wearing. In fact, I was so psyched that I came up with the “Rose of Seville” challenge. Many of the Instagramers, whose pictures I saw, took great care in creating their spectacular hair roses arrangements. Here are the six I liked most. Vote for your favorite “Rose of Seville” girl in the Comments section!

Seville Fair
Here is my “Rose of Seville“, the beautiful Paula Marquez, a journalist student at the University of Seville, raising her glass to the Fair! Source: @paulamarquezch, Instagram.
My next “Rose of Seville“, Instagram user @lauramalu3, posing in one of the “casetas“.
Image source: @lauramalu3, Instagram.

Of course, shoes play an integral part in all this. If you are planning to dance “por Sevillanas“, you may want to choose a pair of dancing shoes like this one:

Shoes flamenco
A classical non-professional flamenco style pump. Image courtesy of the lovely Seville-based Chica De Los 1000 Y Un Zapatos Blog.
Or this solidly reinforced semi-professional flamenco “Caracol” model made by Don Flamenco, sold through


You can also go for this flamenco-inspired polka-dot shoe boot by Pepe Milán Footwear, made out of red and white satin. Olé!

With the right shoes that produce the right heel-tapping sound, or “taconeo“, you are “Sevillanas” ready!

A video still from one of the “casetas“, in which my next “Rose of Seville“, Claudia (in plum pink), and a friend, are dancing “por Sevillanas“. Watch the whole video @claudiardrgz22, Instagram.
Feria of Seville grounds at night. Photo courtesy of Instagram’s @heythats.jaz.

Fair grounds are large and wondering around from tent to tent can be hard on the feet. It is wise to pack a spare pair of comfortable walking shoes with you. Some people like to take the “high road”. During the Fair you can see many couples in their finest outfits prancing around Seville on their gorgeous steeds, showing off Andalusia‘s enviable horse culture.

The young gentleman is wearing a traditional Sevillian equestrian outfit. His lady, Xarly, is proudly displaying her mantón – beautifully embroidered silk shawl with super long fringe, typical of Seville. Xarly is also a contender for this post’s “Rose of Seville” title. Photo: @xarlymaireles, Instagram.


A member of Seville’s elite in a classic amazon outfit, resting herself and her horse by a picturesque pond.
The Andalusian Lucia Molina getting ready for the Fair. One more “Rose of the Seville” to vote for! Photo courtesy of @luciamolval, Instagram.

You can see great professional flamenco performances during the Fair, as well as year round:

A flamenco dancer during performance.
A flamenco dancer during performance. Fragment of a photo sequence to the song of Manolo Tena‘s “Pasión gitana” by YouTube user mangelmf.
The art of flamenco is intimate and public at the same time. Photo source: fragment of a photo sequence to the song of Manolo Tena‘s “Pasión gitana” by YouTube user mangelmf.
The famous dance with the shawl. Doesn’t the dancer look like a fantastical bird about to take off? Photo source: fragment of a photo sequence to the song of Manolo Tena‘s “Pasión gitana” by YouTube user mangelmf.

Have you decided on your favorite “Rose of the Seville“? Let your opinion be heard by leaving a comment. These girls deserve it!

You can also leave a comment on the Instagram account that published the photo of your favorite Rose“.

Here they all are again:

This gorgeous, but unnamed girl, was photographed by the Instagram user @diego_ongari.
Instagram user Laura of @lauramalu3.
Paula Marquez, Instagram user @paulamarquezch.
The smiley Xarly Maireles, Instagram user @xarlymaireles.
Lucia Molina, Instagram user @luciamolval.
Claudia, Instagram user @claudiardrgz22.

Come on girls and boys, applause and a great Olé to all these gals!


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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! All of the girls are gorgeous! It’s hard to chose between them, but I think I’ll give my vote to the “unnamed girl” by the Instagram user @diego_ongari.

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