Shoe of the Week: Rose Quartz Sandal

This Shoe of the Week, code-named the “Rose Quartz” sandal, was made by the Spanish CX label from Petrer, Alicante. The sandal comes to the Spanishoegallery Blog courtesy of Begoña Romero Sobrecueva from Valencia, Spain. De Sobrecueva is a family business. This exquisite shoe boutique was created by the mother twenty-five years ago and is now run by the daughter. The shop is located in Valencia‘s city center.

This sandal by the Spanish CX label has a transparent vinyl frontal strip adorned with rose quartz colored rhinestones. The 8 cm (3.2”) heel “Rose Quartz” sandal comes in three heel sizes (1.2”, 2”, and 3.2″). I don’t know actually know whether the sandal is named “Rose Quartz“, but I decided to give it that name. The rhinestones vary slightly in tone from pale pink to faint purple, just like the natural rose quartz stone. The faintest pastel pink of the leather, the nude leather lining, and the transparent quality of the vinyl really attenuate the rose effect.

Shoe of the Week Rose Quartz Sandal
This version is a slingback with two rose stone decorated vinyl panels and a slim 2” heel. By CX Shoes. Photo courtesy: De Sobrecueva, Carrer Félix Pizcueta 3, Valencia, Spain.
Shoe of the Week the Rose Quartz sandal
Rose Quartz” sandal, low heel version. By CX Shoes. Photo courtesy: De Sobrecueva, Carrer Félix Pizcueta 3, Valencia, Spain.

The company behind this and other labels started out making casual comfort shoes and then moved on to the medium high and high heel models. Hovering around 110 Euros, the CX label is in the medium price range.

The “Rose Quartz” sandal is sought after for formal events like weddings and first communions, but it also works very well with a more relaxed feminine style. It is very convenient that the sandal comes in three different heights. Comfort without sacrificing style is the mantra of all Spanish shoemakers. The sandal also comes in grey, with grey rhinestones and flower-patterned insole.

Grey vinyl and rhinestone sandal by CX Shoes.
The grey version of the sandal. By CX Shoes. Photo courtesy of De Sobrecueva.
De Sobrecueva Store Valencia
The gorgeous iron-wrought door beckons seductively at De Sobrecueva Store at Carrer Félix Pizcueta 3, Valencia, Spain. Photo courtesy of De Sobrecueva.

It’s great to think that this beautiful space has been created and lovingly maintained by two generations of women who are passionate about shoes. Begoña Romero Sobrecueva started by helping out in sales and is now running the operation. Visit the store’s Facebook Page to see pictures of more great shoes, chosen by the discerning eye of Begoña. And obviously stop by whenever you are in Valencia!






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