Women’s Wedge Sandals by Homers SS16

Women’s wedge sandals are one of the best type of sandals for the summer in the city and beyond. There are a few reasons for that. Wedge sandals are:

  1. High off the ground, protecting your feet from the dust of the streets.
  2. Highly breathable.
  3. Make you look taller and your legs look longer.
  4. Easier to walk in than high heels.

Here are two women’s wedge sandals by Homers, a Menorca based manufacturer of high-end shoes and bags.

Women's Wedge Sandals
Thais” wedge sandals in “Bufalino Blanco” and “Veneta Citrus” colors from Homers SS16 collection.


Women's Wedge Sandals
Thais” wedge platform by Homers, Menorca, 3.3” high, with a 1.2” platform.

As a brand, Homers is very economical in its design. The “Thais” sandal upper is made up of two sets of overlapping straps sewn together in the middle. The design is simple, but intriguing. Visually, it is open to interpretation. I see two butterflies spreading their wings, for example. A different person may see something else.

One thing is for sure: it is a beautiful sandal. The color is that of Seville’s famous oranges, deep and vivid. Frankly, it mesmerizes me. The leather is top notch,  typical for Menorca shoe manufacturers. They simply do not go for less than the best. Add to it the padded insole, the organically shaped wedge, and the lightly serrated non-slip rubber sole and you get a luxury wedge sandal.

Thais” would look striking with a white or navy blue dress. The wide straps provide a lot of coverage, which makes the sandal suitable for many different occasions and settings. At a price point of 269 Euros, it is expensive, but not too expensive, considering the quality.


Women's Wedge Sandals
Paris” cork wedge platform sandal from the Homers SS16 collection.
Women's Wedge Sandals
Paris” sandal by Homers, with a 2.4” high wedge and a 1.6” platform.

This black wedge sandal features excellent smooth grain leather upper and an adjustable flap with a deep overlap. The upper would look pretty austere, if it didn’t have a decorative metallic insert right between the heel and the cork wedge.

The cork’s natural surface pattern of black specks against a honey-colored background picks up the black of the upper, but also lightens up the whole design. The wedge curves towards the front like the bow of an old schooner. All in all, a very Mediterranean sandal.

Here is the “Paris” sandal in the “Veneta Citrus” color. The upper is one whole piece of leather, no flap. Everything else is the same as in the black version.

Women's Wedge Sandals
Paris” sandal in the no-flap version.
Women's Wedge Sandals
“Paris” wedge sandal by Homers.

To finish, a stunning metallic wedge sandal in full-grain leather, as seen on the Homers Instagram feed:

Women's Wedge Sandals
Tango” metallic sandal by Homers SS16.

The Homers (and Argila, another Homers brand) online shop delivers within the European Union and to some other countries. North America is not included, unfortunately. I strongly hope that this will change. I don’t own any women’s wedge sandals by Homers yet. The brand is definitely in the luxury market category, but the high standards of production mean that the value is also high. I can’t wait to try on one of their shoes, whether in Spain or in a boutique in North America. Will keep you posted!



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