Fall Perfection by Deux Souliers

Fall perfection can manifest itself in many things: crisp, freshly harvested apples, rustling golden leaves, darkening reflections in the ponds, relief from the stifling summer heat… Feel free to insert your own favorite fall perfection meme. When it comes to fashion and shoes, however, my idea of fall perfection is this laced Semi-heel #3 by Deux Souliers:

fall perfection
Semi-heel #3 by Deux Souliers.

Deux Souliers, your Made in Spain, based in Barcelona purveyor of daily avant-garde, likes to name its shoes like musical pieces. Makes perfect sense, actually. Each Deux Souliers shoe is an individual composition with its own unique melody.

The Semi-heel#3 is a fall composition. The description says “brown and navy“, but, actually, it is a harmony of mustard yellow, deep, cool green, and golden caramel colors. The “semi-heel” measures 5 cm (2″), which makes it a great practical choice for those famous autumn walks. Leather texture ranges from suede-like on toe cap, back and heel and polished mature leather of the sides to western-style medium grain leather of the eyelet flap.

This fall perfection#3 is only available in Deux SouliersSample Market, which means that it will go to a lucky European size 36. The price is accordingly awesome. I love my feet, but boy oh boy, do I often wish that I had the sample size. Life would be so perfect.

Happy fall tunes with Deux Souliers!


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