October Eve With Audley Shoes

This October eve marks the end of the Spanishoegallery Blog’s third anniversary celebration month. It makes for a good occasion to show you my current picks from the Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection of yet another favorite Spanish shoe brand: Audley.

october eve
Oria” suede ankle boot with side button panel detailing by Audley FW1617. $302 on the Audley Shoes website.

In Audley Shoes every stitch, every little piece of hardware bears testimony to high-level Spanish craftsmanship. Whether it’s a boot, a loafer, or a pump, the shoes are both ladylike and practical. Their generous shape makes them very inviting, but fear not, no sacrifice of style is involved.  In “Oria” (the ankle boot above), the wide heel is softly tapered at the top, harmoniously joining with the natural curve of the back.  The three silver buttons on the side are a perfect contrasting detail to the deep black of the velvety suede. The top line of the boot slopes down to the comfy rounded toe at just the right angle. In short, this English-Spanish hybrid brand happily solves the dilemma that most modern women face on a daily basis: how to appear businesslike and feminine at the same time.

Audley has definitely transformed my approach to femininity and fashion. I feel like I trust myself more now fashion-wise.

october eveoctober eveoctober eve

october eve
Wax leather effect “Kimberley” monk-strap shoes by Audley Shoes, bought on YOOX.
october eve
Odei” wax leather effect medium heel ankle boot by Audley FW1617.

Punched leather” pumps with tubular modernist heels are another Audley staple that I can’t wait to get my feet into. Colors vary, but burgundy reds and deep cobalt blues are currently trend:

october eve
Logan” punched leather texture tubular heel pump by Audley FW1617. Currently $152 on Audley website.
october eve
The finely punched leather texture adds brilliancy to the color.
october eve
Lujan” tubular medium heel punched leather pump by Audley Shoes. Crepe rubber provides additional cushioning for the sole. $152 on Audley website.

Every collection includes unconventional pieces with an exuberant touch, like this “Macarena” V-cut bootie with an exaggerated baroque-style curved heel.

october eve
The “Macarena” grey-green suede shoe boot with its extravagant “S” shaped heel is signature Audley. $207.90 on Audley website.
october eve
Audley‘s “Macarena” green-grey suede ankle bootie in “overlapping” design style , low on the ankle, with inside zipper.

Time flies when you are looking at, or, better still, trying on Spanish shoes. It’s October eve 2016, the Spanishoegallery Blog is three years old, and the best is yet to come.  See you in October!



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