Combat Boot Fashion by Beatriz Furest

Combat boot fashion is a throw-back to the 90s style, but it never really went away. It remains a key element of the “grunge” look. Personally, I am not addicted to “grunge” fashion, but I appreciate any style that successfully mixes up feminine and masculine energies.

combat boot fashioin
So 90s!!!! Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013 runway show. Image source: Vogue.
combat boot fashion
The “grunge” look, revived. Saint Laurent Paris Fall 2013 runway show. Image source: Vogue.

The above looks are edgy and cute, but combat boots can be more versatile than that. They have a bigger fashion range. Case in point: these awesome combat style boots by Beatriz Furest, a Barcelona-based maker of high-end leather shoes and accessories.

combat boot fashioin
My inspiration for this fall: combat style boots by Beatriz Furest of Barcelona. Currently at 214 Euros on the Beatriz Furest website.

What really  makes these boots stand out is the appearance and quality of the leather. It has a beautiful reddish-brown tone and rich, glossy finish. The cut of the boots is classic, the design straight-forward.

Style wise the combination of artisan-grade leather work and combat boot fashion opens a lot of exciting possibilities. You are no longer limited to black leather, fishnets, and velveteen. Enter high-quality denim, wool, silk, artisan leather, and other sophisticated fabrics and accessories (see the silk crepe top by Apiece Apart and suede shopper by Pedro García in my “Hello fallPolyvore fashion set below).

combat boot fashion
Fashion set by Spanishoegallery on Polyvore.


combat boot fashion
The right type of boot for the urban warrior: the rugged serrated sole and heel ensure good performance on all kinds of tricky surfaces. By Beatriz Furest of Barcelona.

If you like these “Spanish boots of Spanish leather” (as in this song by Bob Dylan) as much as I do, you can find them on the Beatriz Furest website. While at it, you can also check out their designer accessories and ready-to-wear line. The Beatriz Furest webshop delivers worldwide.




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