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Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Fall-Winter 2017-18 edition dazzled with a great number of remarkable collections by the Who-Is-Who of Spanish designers,
complete with fashion shoes and accessories made specifically for the occasion, in collaboration with some of the best Spanish shoe brands.
Here are my favorite collections of the season:

Teresa Helbig

shoes and accessories
A mix of English and Spanish aristocratic military-inspired glamour with sleek white shirt and velvet pants featuring intricately embroidered side straps by Teresa Helbig FW 17-18. Photo: Vogue Spain.
shoes and accessories
The ultimate luxury of the gold and green velvet pant leg is perfectly complemented by a dark green ostrich leather ankle boot with the sole curling up and sealing the tip.
shoes and accessories
A black and gold dress with golden ornamental loops around the collar and at the sides is a flirtation with the classical military parade style. Teresa Helbig Fall-Winter 2017-18. Photo: Vogue Spain.
shoes and accesories
An ankle boot with baroque-inspired textile pattern to go with the posh military uniform style dress. Teresa Helbig FW17-18. Photo: Vogue Spain.

This collection expresses the longing for opulent aristocratic outfits worthy of the English royal court, albeit with a distinct Spanish influence – the black and gold combination is very Spanish, and so is the intricate burgundy and gold woven pattern of the boots. The emerald velvet pant with its stunning side strap embroidery is similar to the kind worn by Spanish bullfighters, only not so fitted.

shoes and accessories
A nude colored dress with geometric ruffle pattern and a black velvet bow is the essence of high-brow style. School-girl tailoring makes the dress even sexier. The emerald green suede ankle boots give this nostalgic dress the color boost it craves. Teresa Helbig Fall-Winter 17-18. Photo: Vogue Spain.
shoes and accessories
This beautiful mid-heel ankle boot is tastefully embellished with three round flower-shaped brooches in black and pearl. The honey-colored leather sole is raised at the front to protect the tip, creating a cute accent. Photo: Vogue Spain.


fashion shoes and accessories
Duyos FW171-18, shimmery sequined fur-collar dress with a matching long glove. Photo: Vogue Spain.

This year, Juan Duyos, a relatively young fashion designer, is celebrating his impressive twenty-year track record in the Spanish fashion industry. He started out as an indie designer and then moved on to occupy leading positions at prominent apparel firms until finally launching an haute-couture line of his own. The Duyos style is a mixture of luxury and mythology. The free-flowing garments in shimmering and transparent materials often feature refined embellishments. The Fall-Winter 17-18 collection is divided into black and white segments. Shoes for both parts of the collection were created by Duyos in collaboration with Custom & Chic, a made-to-order shoe atelier that allows everyone, not only designers, to create shoes that suit their individual tastes and needs.

shoes and accessories
Fine satin sandals with plexiglass heel by Duyos and Custom & Chic. Fall-Winter 2017-18. Photo: Vogue Spain.
shoes and accessories
Richly embellished tulle and sequin elbow-high glove – old world glamour courtesy of Duyos. Photo: Vogue Spain.
shoes and accessories
Free-flowing tunic style dress made of shimmering textured tulle, with matching sequin and crystal embellished long gloves. The look is complemented by gold-colored glitter ankle boots by Custom & Chic.
shoes and accessories
The gold glitter ankle boot with pigment filled plexiglass heel by Custom & Chic works perfectly with the shimmering texture of the tulle.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that shoes and by Custom & Chic are indispensable elements of the classical world glamour that Duyos seems to be after.

shoes and accessories
The whipped feathery extravaganza in black is the counterpart to the softly draping white edition. Glitter elements continue. Gorgeous metallic two-tone pumps by Custom & Chic. Photo: Vogue Spain.
shoes and accessories
Two-tone bronze metallic pump by Custom & Chic featuring a high plexiglass heel filled with clouds of gold pigment.
shoes and accessories
Rhombus pattern short skirt and tunic ensemble with long transparent black gloves by Duyos. White leather ankle boots by Custom & Chic. Photo: Vogue Spain.
shoes and accessories
White leather booties with gold pigment filled plexiglass heel by Duyos and Custom & Chic. Photo: Vogue Spain.

If you enjoyed these outfits and the corresponding fashion shoes and accessories, more is on the way!







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