Stylish Artisan Cross Body Bags

Cross body bags by Barcelona-based designer label Beatriz Furest prove that this bag style is as versatile from the fashion point of view as it is practical. A cross body bag leaves the hands free, allowing for freedom of movement and also providing better security, as the bag cannot be ripped out of your hand in an instant, as it unfortunately happens with regular purses.

I used to think that cross body bags were the same thing as messenger bags, but it’s not the case. Messenger bags also feature the long strap that can wrap around your body, but they are designed to rest on your back instead of your hip.

cross body bags
Cross body bags are designed to stay by your hip. Image courtesy of Beatriz Furest.

It makes total sense, of course, because messengers, especially bicycle couriers, need all the freedom of movement they can get and the last thing they need is something dangling off their hip, like a cross body bag does. Mind you I ride my bike with my short double-handled purse hanging off the steering or my shoulder,  but that’s unwise and unsafe, frankly, as I constantly have to adjust it. (To minimize risk I mostly ride on the bicycle lane or the side streets of our small suburban town. I could and would never attempt anything like that on an actually busy road or in Toronto). But back to cross body bags:

cross body bags
White leather cross body bag with caramel (or light cognac) colored adjustable leather strap by Beatriz Furest of Barcelona. Dimensions: 11.4” x 9” x 1.6”. 214€ on the Beatriz Furest website.
cross body bags
The same bag as above, in black. This version really brings out the gorgeous artisan leather texture.
cross body bags
The caramel version. 214€ on the Beatriz Furest website.

It is quite clear that cross body bags have a definite fashion advantage over the messenger type, since they don’t have to be as rugged. The designers have a lot more room to play. They can create bags that are elegant and refined, both in design and in materials. The Beatriz Furest line of cross body bags seduces with its eye-caressing artisan leather finishes, which stand out even more because of the harmonious simplicity of design. The color palette deserves a separate mention: it is natural, pure, and wonderfully gentle on the eye. Take this vanilla colored cross body bag with a silver metallic strap, for example:

cross body bags
Small cross body bag with triangular cut-outs and a metallic strap. Vanilla colored leather. Dimensions: 9” x 6” x 2.7”. 189€ on the Beatriz Furest website.

I also love how the little triangular cut-outs create an eye-catching pattern on this bag. Classic minimalist embellishment, very much in keeping with Beatriz Furest signature style.

cross body bags
A medium sized cross body bag in purple leather. Adjustable strap. Cotton lining. Dimensions: 12” x 10.6” x 5.1”. 199€ on the Beatriz Furest website.

This rounded, barrel-like, design comes in masterfully dyed matte purple leather. Actually the leather is not totally matte – it has a bit of a sheen to it. Another great artisan leather finish and a cute little pocket in front to boot!

cross body bags
Double-handled leather handbag/cross body bag in light caramel. Dimensions: 11.8” x 11.8” x 5.1”. 284€ on the Beatriz Furest website.

With its large external pocket and double handles, this handbag/cross body bag hybrid is the height of practicality. Nice and roomy and the leather texture is beautiful.

cross body bags
I love the delicate pink leather piping on this bag. Zipper closure, adjustable strap. 284€ on the Beatriz Furest website. Other colors also available.

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, you don’t have to lay out huge sums of money for artisan-grade designer bags that will be a pleasure to hold and to look at. Sure these cross body bags aren’t cheap, but the price point is nowhere near what the big designer brands charge. And you are getting something much more unique, inspired by the bustling streets of Barcelona and the eternal beauty of the Mediterranean.

Hope you enjoyed this selection from Beatriz Furest!





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