Brilliant Stilettos To Ring In the New Year

We all aspire to feel glamorous and shine like diamonds, at least from time to time, and on New Year’s especially. If you have somewhere fun to go, it’s THE occasion to wear glittering dresses and luminous makeup while drinking sparkling wine. Or you may choose to shine the spotlight on your legs and feet by wearing a pair of brilliant stilettos. I would definitely start dressing from the shoes, as I’m a believer in that style starts from the feet upwards. But you have to have the right heels.

The most dazzling stilettos I’ve seen In the countdown to this year’s festivities are the “Kameron” by the Spanish luxury high-heel brand Pura López. The brand specializes in making the most perfectly shaped beautiful leather stilettos and other types of heeled shoes. Pura López shoes are fit for a queen, literally. I absolutely adore them and can’t wait to get my own pair. I almost never wear thin stiletto heels except on special occasions, but in case of Pura López I wouldn’t hesitate an instant.

brilliant stilettos
Pura LópezKameron” glitter stilettos in blue. Available within the European Union.

The “Kameron” pump – this season’s ultimate party stiletto, comes in five glitter shades: silver, gold, emerald green, blue, and pink.


briliant stilettos
The Kameron” stiletto pump is 4.3” high.


Of all the “Kameron” line I’m most smitten with the icy blue glitter stiletto. The blue color really brings out the brilliance, making the stiletto look like it was made of crushed diamonds. Add to that the Pura López signature shape and you get absolute perfection. Pura López pumps tend to be extremely well balanced, with just the right ratio between the flat part that touches the ground and the elegant steep curve that reaches the height of 11 cm (or 4.3”). This goes well beyond good looks – harmony of proportions enhances stability and, consequently, comfort for the person wearing the pump.

brilliant stilettos
Pura López Kameron” glitter pump in silver.

The silver version is amazing too.

brilliant stilettos
Pura LópezKameron” stiletto pump in golden glitter.

The golden one sold out first.

The “Kameron” pump features leather lining and cushioned insole. It’s too bad that the Pura López webshop only delivers within the European Union. It’s really time someone did something about that.

Otherwise, to me these brilliant stilettos tick all the boxes. Wouldn’t you agree?

So here I leave you, with my very best wishes for a happy 2018!



P.S. Featured image courtesy @gromkaterina, the IG account of Katerina Grom, a Riga, Latvia based stylist and personal shopper.









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